Vintage Comics from Europe

Superman & Batman Comics I got at a German flea market for 1 euro each. Dates range from 1969-1975.

Superman & Batman Comics I got at a German flea market for 1 euro each. Dates range from 1969-1975.

Since I’m living in Germany for a few months (see: Preludes & Predictions) I’m trying to take advantage of my time here by traveling. So far, I’ve spent a few days in Amsterdam and did a day trip to Strasbourg, France and loved it. While there, I visited comic book shops, geeky hobby stores and flea markets filled with old comics. Of course I bought some, even though I can’t read Dutch or French.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam never gets old even though this was my fourth time visiting. I actually lived in the Netherlands for a few years when I was young. I got to visit the Van Gogh Museum again which was in that one Doctor Who episode that made everyone cry. There was this awesome geek and gamer store called Popcult which needs to make its way to the states ASAP.

Flevopark & Spuistraat Street Art

Henk Comics & Manga

The one comic book shop I visited in Amsterdam was Henk Comics & Manga which Yelp said was the best. I was expecting some sort of magical foreign comic book experience, it was kind of… normal. Which was still cool. It reminded me of the shops back in the states… Except for those anime boob mouse pads.

Waterlooplein Flea Market

I wandered through the Waterlooplein Flea Market and found a stall that had a bunch of vintage comics. I think I only paid about 5 Euro ($5.75) for 6 comics. SCORE!


What I Bought At Waterlooplein Flea Market

Battle of the Planets Gforce In Action (Dutch)


Fantastic Four Three: Prisoners of the Skrulls (Dutch)


Fantastic Four Special: Family Reunion (Dutch)


Fantastic Four Special: Repentance to the Infinite (Dutch)



Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France is only 90 minutes from my house in Germany. It’s a cute French city with a lot of Germany history but I didn’t really read about it because I’m a bad tourist. I picked up some old comics and manga at the flea market and a record shop called L’occase De L’oncle Tom. I also bought a brunch of pastries because it felt wrong not to.

Strasbourg Flea Market

There were a lot of flea markets around town filled with comics (and some manga)! Most of them were french comics I had never heard of before. Since I don’t speak French I was just buying the comics I thought looked cool. Many of the comics I saw had a lot of naked women in it and seemed pretty gratuitous.

What I Bought In Strasbourg

Musk (French)


Musk was the first comic I picked up in Strasbourg. The cover caught my eye because it’s so ’80s! The long, thin legs reminded me of Ai Yazawa’s manga style. The story seems kind of weird, lots of naked women.

Dragon Ball Z (French)

Retropolis (French)


Star Wars The Dark Empire (French)



  1. J that pick of you in front of the colorful wall is STUNNING! Can you say profile pic!!?? Strasbourg, France looks amazing and so storybook-esqe! I would love to visit there! So excited you get to see all these amazing places! Keep sharing! xx


  2. How cool! Way to take advantage of your current living situation. How many of us comic collecting girls can say we’ve got international comics?


  3. Strasbourg is an hour away from me and I still haven’t made my way over there. HAHA it looks beautiful, so this year may be the year for a visit.

    Great post!! :D


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