Advice on Finding the Time to Blog & Ending Bloggers Guilt

I’ve been asked a lot about how to find the time to blog, so I felt it was time to share my “advice” in a blog post. I have no idea why people ask my advice because I’m not exactly the model citizen for blogging frequency, but here I am sharing my advice.

The Practical Advice


Get Real

Set realistic blogging goals. Every blog is different so what may be a lot for one blog, may not be a lot for another. Figure out your sweet spot. Back when I was a baby blogger I wanted to blog once a day… I was obviously crazy. As time went on I aimed for 5 times a week and that was still crazy for me. Then 3 times a week, which was less crazy but unrealistic when you add work and social life in the mix. Now I’ve come to my senses and I try to blog once a week but even that doesn’t happen sometimes.  But you know what? That’s okay.

Blog on the go

I have a long commute and sometimes I get an itch to blog on the way home (usually because of happy hour drinks + Wednesday comics). I usually write the posts in an email draft or the notes section on my phone. Blogging platforms have apps you can use as well, I prefer drafts or notes on my phone because I’m usually underground and don’t have service to save the posts. (I literally wrote this post in my email drafts on the train.)

It’s the little things

Try to take advantage of free time after work or school for little blog stuff. And by little, I mean little. Try short blog posts, answer emails, research, etc. 30 minutes of blog time after work here and there can add up. The best part is you’ll still have time to binge on some Netflix for the rest of the night. Win/win!

The Weekender

I get a bulk of my work done on weekends. I try to spend a few hours in the morning and afternoon on Saturday or Sunday for blog stuff. But if I have weekend plans, a wrench can easily be thrown into my routine. This happens a lot, so if you know you’ll be out of the house most of the weekend, try to work on your blog during the week.


The Psychological Advice


Live Yo Life

Learn to be okay with not blogging as much as you’d like. This is so much easier than it sounds, but repeat it like a mantra. Family, friends, school and work take up and chunk of time automatically. But when it comes to being a geek, we also have to add all the time we spend watching, reading and playing things as well. Don’t feel guilty about that! All of those things are part of your life and make you who you are. If you’re a geek blogger, you need to watch, read and play these things for stuff to blog about, right? So do it! And be happy about it. There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty about doing something you love. Never lose that passion you have for these geeky things. If you do, your blog will feel like a job.

I blog because it makes me happy and I hope my experiences can help others. Never lose that happiness and always remember the reason why you blog. You need to go out and live your life if you plan to come back and blog about it. If you stress out too much about blogging it won’t be fun, it’ll show in your writing and that won’t be fun to read.

When I made the conscious decision to not blog as often, it was also because I decided to blog about what I really cared about. That’s why even though I wasn’t doing several posts a week (or month if I’m being honest) at least I was happy with what I had done because it meant more to me than just writing something to fill up space. This won’t happen overnight, it took me 2 years to be okay with not blogging often. But I also didn’t have anyone telling me to do that. So here I am, telling you to do that.


  1. I love this advice! I’ve had to remind myself of this way too often lately, so I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling to keep all my hobbies in check!


  2. Great post!! I blog 6x a week…haha you must think I’m crazy :P But I blog often because I stay at home. I know if I worked full time I would NOT be able to blog as much as I do.

    “But when it comes to being a geek, we also have to add all the time we spend watching, reading and playing things as well.” I love this part! It’s so true! Sometimes I just want to blog, blog, blog but I have to remember I need some time to also watch and play.


  3. Great advice! We just started a new geek girl blog, and even with 8 of us contributing, it seems like we’re always struggling to come up with relevant and interesting content! I’m going to pass your advice along to my friends, maybe we can relax and just write about what we love when the muse strikes :)


  4. Thanks for this, started my own blog a couple of months ago and I find myself trying to force new blogs out just because I’ve been quiet for a few days. I need to relax!


  5. Thank you for this info! I am just starting my own blog and this will help me! I already do some of it but I learned something new. Thank you!


  6. Great set of tips here. It can definitely be overwhelming having a blog and having that feeling of “having” to blog rather than wanting to. You can easily lose sight of why you’re blogging.


  7. I love your advice. Sometimes I’ll take some time at work (bad, I know) and throw a few posts together. Then before I publish I just double check to make sure details don’t need to be fixed (yesterday, vs a few days ago, today vs. yesterday). It really helps to know that I have a few drafts saved up for when I don’t really feel like writing!


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