Zombie Sak: Survival Kit Giveaway

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We’ve all had those conversations before. Oh you know the one where you and your friends discuss your zombie apocalypse weapon of choice, the safest place in their area you would go, even what skills you’d bring to your team. Because if you’re rolling with me, you better have a skill! (I can be the supply runner because I ran track in high school.)

We joke around about the zombie apocalypse, but honestly, who really knows? One day it could happen. The living dead may go by a different name, walkers, the infected, etc. But as Shakespeare once said, “A zombie by any other name will still eat your brains.”

Thanks to the folks over at Zombie Sak, you can be ready for the apocalypse at a moments notice. These survival kits are the real deal that will help you survive the end of the world.

Use the code girlgonegeek to get 5% off your next Zombie Sak order! (Valid until Dec. 5th)

GIVEAWAY! Two readers that comment with their zombie weapon of choice will get some Zombie Sak goodies!

Be sure to follow ZombieSak on Facebook and Twitter @ZombieSak!

girl gone geek zombie sak

My Tomahawk Survival Kit includes: 

  • – Zombie SAK Duffel Bag
  • – Zombie SAK Mask Pack
  • – Tomahawk
  • – LifeLine Ultra Light Survival Kit
  • – Bridgford Bacon and Cheddar Survival Sandwich
  • – Bridgford Whole Wheat Ration
  • – 1 Weatherproof Carry Case
  • – 1 Survival Guide
  • – 1 10′ Emergency Cord
  • – 1 Map Compass
  • – 1 Emergency Whistle
  • – 1 Survival Blanket
  • – 3 Safety Pins
  • – 1 36″ Roll Duct
  • – 1 18″ X 12″ Sheet Aluminum Foil
  • – 1 8′ Snare Wire
  • – 1 Box Waterproof Matches
  • – 4 Fishing Hooks
  • – 4 Fishing Sinker Weights
  • – 1 50′ 10lb Fishing Line FISHING LINE
  • – 1 Surgical Blade SURGICAL BLADE
  • – 1 Reusable Zipper-Lock Bag REUSABLE ZIPPER-LOCK BAG
  • – 5 Wound Closure Strips



  1. I’ve never wanted to win a giveaway more than I want to win this one right now! TOO AWESOME!!!!

    As far as zombie-killing weapons go, I’m all about versatility. I’d want a crowbar, since it’s an incredibly useful, zombies or not. I would also probably sharpen up a shovel ala the Lobo from World War Z. I’d probably keep a machete on hand too!


  2. Weapon of choice: My katana..there are many others like it..but this one is mine.

    That and I’ve been preparing for years to use it on some zombies..


  3. I personally would go with ether a baseball bat or cricket bat (a cricket bat worked for Simon Pegg in “Shaun Of The Dead”. My husband would be a little more creative. He would use a lightsaber and a Klingon disruptor.


  4. I’d go for a sword to decapitate the head of a zombie. Handy too for breaking down doors if needed and making firewood for survival. I have a replica of Sting (from Lord of the Rings) so I got this one covered. :)


  5. Zombie killing weapon? Got to go with my mortuary sword. Light, one-handed weapon with a full-cup hilt for face-bashing if necessary with perfect balance.


  6. WOW!!!! This is really cool!! Zombie weapon of choice… oh gosh… I think probably a baseball bat with some sharp stuff strapped onto the end… like a weird shank or bayonette. I am not afraid to create a weapon of my own!


  7. My weapon of choice would be my T-square because it is sharp and durable (of course with some cloth wrapped around the handle so it doesn’t cut my hands).


  8. I have a replica of Arwen’s sword Hadhafang from the LotR movie, but I think I’ll get a machete to do the dirty work on my way to my parents’ place. There my dad has a couple of chainsaws and a scythe. I’ve also considered to begin at archery, because that’s pretty cool :)


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