Blog Crush: Leslie IRL

girls-gone-geekI’m obsessed with Leslie! Is that weird? Idc idc! I can’t remember when we first “virtually” met, but I’ll assume it was on Twitter because that’s where I live. She had a geeky blog, I had a geeky blog and next thing you know were internet besties.
Even though Leslie is such a lovely person, I have a sneaking suspicion that she has several gangers locked in her basement. That’s the only possible way she can work on all her projects! Seriously, folks.
I’ll make a list just to emphasize her awesomeness:


Blog Crush: Leslie IRL

Why do you blog? 
I love the geek and blogger community! In some regards, I blog to try to inspire people to be their best self. I love to give people ideas, advice, food for thought, contraverial things to comment on, and motivation to do cool things. I feel like by creating diverse and fun communities like the Geek Girl Pen Pals as well as blogging about my life, my art, and my raison d’etre, I might inspire, enable and empower others to go out there and create awesome. I want to be close to a community that isn’t exactly in my backyard, so I try to make myself a real presence online. I love connecting with people across the globe, including geeky celebrities, and to me, the best way to do that is to blog and maintain an online lifestyle.

Favorite blog-related moment? peach-cropped

Seeing a blog post like Geek Girl Advice: Things I wish I could tell my geeky 13-year old self hit 3,000 views in 1 day really tickled my pickle. And the best part was, I gave all those contributors a little bit of the spotlight and a place to voice their own wisdom. That made me really happy and fuzzy on the inside!

What do you obsessed about? 

Does wine count? Haha! I am obsessed with…. Harry Potter, Pewdiepie, Captain America, Instagramming, LARPing and cosplaying, and blogging! I am always plotting new blog ideas, writing, scouting other blogs for inspiration, and trying to connect with others with my blog and social media. I am such a typical millennial!

If Kirby were to eat you, what power would he get? 

I think he (she?) would get the ability to hug people and turn them into kittens.

What video game, comic/book, show and movie would you want to have if you were on a deserted island? 

Probably Animal Crossing, an Archie comic (hopefully at least a double digest), the Bible, Pretty Little Liars (help me, I am addicted to this show), and Moon so I can feel like I am slowly going crazy and try to build a robot friend to talk to me.

Follow her! 





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