Blog Crush: Super Space Chick


I met Kristin where most people meet nowadays, on Twitter. Both of us being geek girl bloggers, we had A LOT in common. Then I followed her on Instagram and fell in love with her geek chic wardrobe and most of my comments would consist of lots of exclamation marks and that emoji with the hearts for eyes.

Then one fine day at New York Comic Con, the planets were aligned and Jupiter was in retrograde (whatever that means) and we finally met IRL. Somewhere, at that very moment, a little geek girl bought her first comic book. We’ve been friends ever since and have been on geek girl brunches filled with fancy eggs, fancy mimosas and tipsy visits to Toy Tokyo and Forbidden Planet. She’s a sweetheart through and through and I’m glad to have met her. Oh, did I mention Kristin is practically famous? She’s one of the cast members of Syfy’s new show Fangasm! Even though I can see her face on television on Tuesday’s at 10pm, she hasn’t changed a bit!

Blog Crush: Super Space Chick

kristinsuperspacechickWhy do you blog? 

Where to start? There are so many reasons I love blogging!  I blog mainly because I am extremely passionate about my interests and I’ve always loved writing.  It’s so easy for things to get lost when you post on Twitter or tumblr, whereas a blog is an easy way to catalog your thoughts and obsessions.  I love that blogging, especially when reviewing comics, really forces you to think more critically about the story you just read.  I find that it enhances my reading experience and makes me enjoy the story even more.  Plus, it’s fun to share exciting things with everyone else on the internet and connect with other people who have similar interests.  There’s a really amazing, positive, and supportive community of bloggers online and I’ve made such great friends with some of them as a result of blogging!

Favorite blog-related moment? 

I have a few!  One of favorite blog related moments was when 801 Red redesigned my SuperSpaceChick site and made it as amazing as it is today.  I love everything about his design and every time I post something I feel so happy.  Another set of favorite moments are when authors I love retweet things I’ve written about their comics.  One of my favorite writers of all time, Jeff Lemire, has retweeted me in the past and I always have major fangirl moments whenever that happens.  I also love the process of blogging in general.  There are days where my plan is to drink a hot cup of tea, sit at my laptop and write for hours.  Those are some of my best days.

What do you obsessed about? 

I obsess over a ton of things.  Most of the time I’m obsessing over comics, books, art, or toys, but sometimes I’ll also obsess over movies, tv shows, other blogs, makeup and cupcakes.  Oh and fashion! I absolutely love incorporating geeky elements into my wardrobe and making them into fashionable outfits.  I’ve always been on the more daring side of the fashion spectrum and I’m not afraid to wear loud items of clothing that clearly scream I LOVE THIS (insert comic/movie/book here).

If you were a super villain, what would be your super power? ScreenShot2013-03-20at110457AM_zps84c9b31a

OoOoh I’m so into his question! Everyone always ask about superhero powers, but never super villains, who really are some of the most fascinating characters we read about.  If I were a villain, I would want to be like  Poison Ivy, and have her powers.  I love how she has the ability to control people and plants.  And she’s a hardcore environmentalist.  I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 5 years now, and like Ivy, I’m also very concerned with preserving our environment and all the goings on in the farming industry.  And it’s awesome that despite being a villain, Ivy is able to maintain a best friendship with Harley Quinn.  Their shared villain escapades seem like a lot of fun!

jamilakristinggbnyccWhat video game, comic/book, show and movie would you want to have if you were on a deserted island? 

Video Game – Super Mario Brothers (for regular Nintendo)

Comic – The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman

Book – The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling

Movie – Empire Strikes Back





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