AMA Vol. 1: Attack on Titan, Rocky Horror, Doctor Who & More!


I decided to start an Ask me Anything series on my blog. The first round was a lot of fun! Feel free to AMA for Vol. 2 in the comments section, Twitter or email!



@AboundlessworldWhat inspires you?

Me: Questions that can never be answered, fantastic stories, art, theories about the future, jazz, interesting people and the universe.


@demonweaselWho are your favorite and least favorite Doctor Who companions?

Me: My favorite companion is Donna without a doubt. I loved the relationship she had with the Doctor. She’s also the companion with the saddest story in my opinion. I’m still not over it. Sadly, my least  favorite is Martha. She was a rebound companion and I didn’t feel a strong connection to her. Such a bummer since she’s was a companion of color. I had high hopes!


@xoitsgottabeyou: If you like to cook, what’s your favorite thing to make?

Me: I wish I had more time to cook but I make a good curried couscous with golden raisins and veggies. I use Jamaican curry. My family and friends like it! But I can’t lie, I usually just make pasta.


@demonweaselWhat anime would you recommend to someone who doesn’t watch anime? 

Me: For a series I’d recommend Cowboy Bebop, I think it is the best anime series and definitely one that non-anime watchers would enjoy. As for an anime movie, I’d suggest Spirited Away, it’s beautiful with an imaginative, universal story. I love Akira but it might be too much for non-anime peeps.


@AboundlessworldWhat’s your biggest fear?

Me: Serious answer, disappointing my parents. Not serious answer, centipedes. They terrify me. I couldn’t even use a picture of a real centipede because I was too scared to Google one. That’s how real it is.


@xoitsgottabeyou: If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic, book, movie, TV show would you bring? 

Me:  I always ask this but never have to answer it myself. My answers would probably change depending on how I felt that day but I’d say: Game- Super Mario World, Comic- The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, Book- The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien, Movie- Rocky Horror Picture Show, Show- Doctor Who.


@DocWasabasscoAs a geek, what famous Sci-fi / fantasy property do you just not get the appeal of?

Me: Does Twilight count? Because I’m very anti-Twilight and a member of the vampires don’t sparkle club. I’m also not a fan of The Big Bang Theory.

kawaii cheese

Paul LFavorite type of cheese?

Me: I tried to think of some fancy cheese but to be honest I really like cheddar.



@xoitsgottabeyou: Earliest/longest standing geek interest/hobby?

Me: I’d have to say books. When I was little my parents would read to me all the time which sparked my love for reading. I remember we had this huge Grimm’s Fairy Tale book and my mom and dad would check off each story we read in the Table of Contents. There were a lot of check marks. I love print books (and comics), I love the smell, the feeling of them, the beautiful covers. I dream of having a huge library in my house which is why I won’t get an e-reader.


Paul SWhat’s your favorite really, really old anime series? Also, what’s your favorite new one?

MeFist of the North Star for old ATATATATATA! And my newest anime obsession is Attack on Titan. 
game of thrones sigils

Terrie AI know that you, like me, adore several fandoms. Put them in order, just the top 5. 

Me: I feel like I have to pick which child is my favorite. 1. Doctor Who 2. Studio Ghibli 3. Harry Potter 4. Game of Thrones/AsoIaF 5. Comics (Can I just lump them together? lol). Sorry for all of those that didn’t make the top 5, I love you guys too, honestly!


  1. I think Martha Jones is appealing to us guys (although it does make us question the Doctor’s taste in women). Well, if you like pretty girls with sad eyes…


    1. “(although it does make us question the Doctor’s taste in women)”

      I should have specified because he ignored her many obvious hints… even when he turned human he never thought, “torrid affair with my hot maid….”


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