‘Adventure Time’ Dress Giveaway from HalloweenCostumes.com

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Have you seen a more mathematical dress before?! I received this Finn tunic from the fine folks over at Halloween Costumes to review and I’m in love. It’s described a tunic tank, but fits more like a dress that you could wear with or without jeans, leggings or tights. What I love most about this is that I can rock my Adventure Time love in a girly way. Shirts are cool of course, (trust me I have tons!) but I love flaunting my obsessions with a dress or skirt. These Adventure Time tunic/dresses are a super cute way to show off your Land of OOO citizenship!

adventure time dress giveaway girl gone geek blog

2 winners will get one of the Adventure Time Tunics!

How to enter: 

  • 1. Follow Girl Gone Geek on: Facebook (/girlgonegeekblog), Twitter (girl_gone_geek) and Instagram (girl_gone_geek) if applicable.
  • 2. Answer the following question in the comments section:
  •      Q: What would you be the princess or prince of if you lived in the Land of OOO?
    • Ex: I’d be the Cat Princess because… cats!
  • Sorry, dresses don’t come with an everything burrito.
  • Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 28th

Contest over, congrats Meg House and Minty Badger! 


    1. I would be ratchet princess because I am lover of ratchet things. I would wear beats by dre headphones and would rock leggings and crop tops in OOO.


  1. stupid posting without my answer lol..as I was saying…
    Q: What would you be the princess or prince of if you lived in the Land of OOO?

    This is a very good question considering I have contemplated what life would be like me being a Princess in general. So in the land of OOO? Even better…If I had to pick which Princess I would be my first answer would probably be Princess Bubblegum because she is rad, but then I remember all that responsibility and her sleepless nights and you know subjects always going after her in some crazy way for some crazy reason.

    While I do love Flame Princess’s devious ways and amazing flame hair, I feel I would have to go with Lumpy Space Princess who actually fits my personality a ton better. She’s gorgeous and sassy and does what she wants! Who else could think on the spot and use ketchup as lipstick??



  2. The princess because I wouldn’t have to brush my hair,and I would get beautiful clothes :D
    [removed your email]
    Following on twitter @cookiesmasher9
    Fb Karin Shaim


  3. Omogosh I would totally be Juice Princess. And everytime someone hugs me, I ooze out fresh glasses of delicious breakfasty beverage. A little gross, but it works in Ooo..


  4. Guess the question was to pick an original princess, I would be Library Princess. I would have complete knowledge of every book in the kingdom and have strict rules about how to handle everything with respect and love and especially to enjoy themselves with no censorship. My books would be like Pagemaster where you can jump in the book and the librarians would be themed by section.


  5. Hrrmmmm… Probably coffee princess. Some sort of weird hybrid of that large coffee bean from Regular Show, but as a princess. I need my caffeine. XDDD


  6. I would be the princess of shoes and shoes would be everywhere and make up everything and i would have all the shoes!!!


  7. I would be Wolf Princess.I’d wear one of those awesome Spirit Hoods(or more realistically,a cheap knock off),dress a bit like Huntress Wizard and run with the-and be adopted by,Wolves like LSP thought she was,but with less disastrous results!
    I think Wolves are my spirit animal!
    Great giveaway,retweeted on twitter!


  8. Hence there being a Princess Bubblegum already in her candy kingdom which makes me sad because I would LOVE to be a sugar princess.

    Ruler of a land made up of complete sweets from cupcakes to candy to chocolate. I would love to own a land similar to that of Willy Wonka where we can dance and eat all the baked goods we want.


  9. I would be a Dia de los Muertos skeleton princess. Backstory: the only princess who truely and honestly loved the Ice King for who he is. Unfortunately I am deceased and the only once a year, on the Day of the Dead, I can come back and be with him.


  10. I’d be the queen the queen of tattoos, anime, cats and pandas. In the Land of OOO you’d be able to watch every kind of anime at any time with subs in every time because let’s face it, dubs mostly sounds stupid and we want to celebrate the greatness of animes. Also everyone would get as many tattoos as they want and the best about it? It’s free and you don’t feel any pain at all. It”ll feel like silk stroking on your skin. And what about the cats and pandas? Well, we only have cats as pets and free-living pandas in our kingdom. Everything is at peace and everyone is happy.


  11. Rain Princess! Chalk white hair hidden beneath the worn cap as that of a fisherman, it’s length trailing down off her shoulders to her knees.. Eyes that softly penetrate your gaze with watered down eyes, broad and burdened with a sad life lived.

    Rain encompasses the space around her..pitter pat..pitter pat..drawing eloquent air as she travels across the landscape in search of her first sight of a warm sun.. Her only happiness gained by the splash the ground receives with each bound made by her boots.

    A sunflower hued duckling dances behind her in the footprints left behind, cleaning up the remnants of a lemonade color left behind by Rain Princess’s cheerful Wellington boots, always tailing her as if drawn by a innocent maternal essence..

    – because rain = puddles = fun. AND ducky!!!!)


  12. I’m not sure I’d want to be a prince OR a princess! In fact, I’d rather be Tree Trunks and just bake apple pies all day! :-)

    Or just be Cake because: CATS! ALWAYS!


  13. I think I submitted mine in the wrong place! I submitted one on FB, so I will put one here just in cause.

    I would be Library Princess, but without anything being obviously female, so that Bemo would fall in love with me!


  14. I would be a MO princess. I want to rule all the F-MO’s and J-MO’s and other MO’s. I would be the daughter of MO himself and would take his place in his dying age. I will continue as he did to build different types of MO’s and experiment with them. I would like to be called K-MO Princess for my real name starts with a K.


  15. What would you be the princess or prince of if you lived in the Land of OOO?

    Thanksgiving Princess or Animal Princess…because well food and animals own!


  16. I would be Purple Musical Princess. Always dressed comfortably and wearing my purple crown, I would give away music and perform with my royal purple band throughout the Land of OOO would rock out hard on my purple electric guitar.


  17. I don’t know if my post went through (so I apologize in advance if it’s been posted already) but I would be the Purple Musical Princess. Always wearing my purple crown, I would give away music and perform with my royal purple band throughout the Land of OOO. I would rock out hard as I play my purple electric guitar.


  18. I think I would have to be The Star Princess because I have an absolute fascination with any and all things cosmic. Plus how awesome would it be to have a space themed castle and clothes and accessories and etc., etc. I could totally put the Ice King in his place in my zero gravity room. And Finn and Jake could hang out in the moon room and jump off the walls. There could be some awesome episodes from my character. Geronimoooooooo!


  19. I would be theatre princess. I would only be able to speak with lines from Shakespearean monologues and soliloques. Everyone would be confused, because I’m fairly certain Shakespeare isn’t remembered in Ooo.


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