15 Item Blogiversary Giveaway!


It’s Girl Gone Geek’s three-year anniversary week and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with a massive giveaway! Etsy Crush of the Week is one of my favorite things to blog, so I reached out to some of my favorites artists and crafters to help me celebrate my blogiversary.


Giveaway Rules:

1. Answer the following question in the comments section: What’s your favorite fandom and why?

2. Follow Girl Gone Geek on Facebook, Twitter @girl_gone_geek and Instagram @girl_gone_geek (if applicable)

3. Follow any (or all!) of the Etsy shop’s you are interested in winning (links below).

* Contest ends Friday, June 7th


15 Item Giveaway!

lara themes Daenerys Targaryen Doll

Giveaway Item #1: Daenerys Targaryen Doll

Etsy: Lara Theme

Facebook: Facebook.com/LaraTheme

n3rdwool Yoshi

Giveaway Item #2: Yarn Yoshi Doll

Etsy: N3rd Wool

Facebook: Facebook.com/N3rdWool

comic salvage

Giveaway Item #3: Vintage Comic Book Necklace

Etsy: Comic Salvage

Facebook: Facebook.com/comicsalvage

treno nights Xbox 360

Giveaway Item #4: PS3 Controller Necklace or a Xbox Controller Necklace

Etsy: Treno Nights

Facebook: Facebook.com/TrenoNights

red lotus designz

Giveaway Item # 5: An item of your choice from Red Lotus Designz

Shop: Red Lotus Designz

Facebook: Facebook.com/RedLotusDesignzOfficial

X-Men Retro Inspired Character Minis

Giveaway Item # 6: 3 posters of your choice from The Geekerie

Etsy: The Geekerie

Facebook: Facebook.com/thegeekerie

show pony store Doe Patronus Necklace

Giveaway Item # 7: Harry Potter “Always” Doe Patronus Necklace

Etsy: Show Pony Store

Facebook: Facebook.com/SHOWPONYSTORE

nerd hussy Give away magnets 1

Giveaway Item # 8: Comic Book Magnet and Button Set

Etsy: Nerdy Hussy

Facebook: Facebook.com/NerdyHussy


show pony shop Tolkien cuff

Giveaway Item # 9: Tolkien Quote Cuff

Etsy: Show Pony Store

Facebook: Facebook.com/SHOWPONYSTORE

MyGeekyBoyfriend Ninja Tote1

Giveaway Item #10: Ninja Tote Bag

Shop: My Geeky Boyfriend

Twitter: @MGeekyBoyfriend

nerd hussy Give away earrings 1

Giveaway Item #11: Star Trek Earrings

Etsy: Nerdy Hussy

Facebook: Facebook.com/NerdyHussy

Giveaway Item #12: Geeky Goodie Bag worth $30 from Word to your Unicorn

Etsy: Word to your Unicorn

Facebook: Facebook.com/darlingstewieblog

bethy designs TARDIS Bookmark

Giveaway Item #13: Doctor Who TARDIS Bookmark

Etsy: Bethy Designs

Tumblr: Bethybookmarks.Tumblr.com

harshness stark poster

Giveaway Item #14: A poster of your choice from Harshness

Etsy: Harshness

Facebook: Facebook.com/Harshness

Sugar and Vice sugarskulls_LRG

Giveaway Item #15: Dia De Los Muertos Necklace

Etsy: Sugar & Vice

Facebook: Facebook.com/Sugar-Vice


HUGE thanks all the Etsy shops for helping me sponsor this giveaway! I couldn’t have done this without you (literally)!


  1. It is hard to pick my FAVORITE fandom. What I love the most is being able to meet like minded ladies who love the same things as I do {Doctor Who/Sherlock/Firefly/Being Human}. I cannot wait for this year’s SDCC to finally be able to meet all my wonderful online friends in person!


  2. One of my favorite fandoms is Star Wars. I don’t feel that there is anything out there that has ever came near to the way i feel about it. It has so many components that are things that i love and take away from it. From size doesn’t matter to the Rebellion fighting against the evil empire, i always felt at home with Star Wars. I have always felt like it was something that i could keep as a geeky thing that i love but also take the lessons on in real life.


  3. What’s your favorite fandom and why?

    If this is for a particular thing, I’ll say Doctor Who. Reason: Nostalgia, there were very few good shows on TV when I was a child. Among these the best were British Science Fiction. And, while I appreciated “The Tomorrow People,” “The Third Eye,” “Tripods,” “Blake’s Seven” and “Hitchhikers Guide,” the king of them all was Doctor Who. (Let’s be honest. the longevity of the series means that The Doctor can beat any rival series simply by waiting them out. I think I was still a teenager when Doctor Who, 25 Glorious Years came out… and that wasn’t exactly recent. It’s him and Star Trek in a battle to the death isn’t it? I’m rooting for The Doctor!)


  4. How can you pick just one?! I suppose my ultimate would be Star Wars. It’s been such a core part of my upbringing since I was a kid and now I’m doing the same for my daughters :)

    (I just LOVE the enthusiasm and happiness that surrounds any fandom, such a comraderie of geeks!)


  5. I guess I’d have to say Firefly is my favorite fandom. The world and characters are so detailed and complicated, the show and movie are just a joy to watch, and the cosplay possibilities are endless. I already have a ton of posters and figurines to decorate my kid’s nursery with when we have one! Firefly nursery. :)

    Harry Potter is a very close second. I just adore magic.


  6. My favorite fandom? That’s a hard question, there’s a lot to choose from.
    I think it might be Harry Potter. For me it was the books that got me into reading (as I think it was for many). For a while I fought with my parents about the whole “leaning to read” because I found it hard and stupid and math had to be enough – it turns out that reading is a nice skill to have when you want to learn more advanced math.
    I waited and waited for the next book to come out while rereading the previous ones. It’s such a great heptalogy and I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.
    When the movies came out we dressed up and went to the midnight premiere. I think it’s amazing how so many people love these books no matter how old they are.
    On Twitter Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) make all the fans feel like one huge family – you should follow her if you don’t already :)

    I’m interested in the items 6, 7, 9 , 12 and 14.


  7. I’ve been a Whedonite since Buffy first aired. I now identify with so many fandoms (Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Supernatural, etc) but the one that sticks right to my heart and soul is Doctor Who. I’m a Whovian, through and through.


  8. I. Am. A. Whovian! Through and through, I love Doctor Who. My earliest memory is sitting with my dad watching the old school Doctor with my dad (Tom Baker FTW!) And I can’t wait for the 50th Anniversary special! My second favorite fandom is Firefly. I love that whole universe and the amazing characters ^_^


  9. Whoa! What an epic giveaway! My favorite fandom is the BioWare fandom. The community for this fandom is super passionate about the characters and their stories. I always love seeing everyones different characters from Dragon Age and Mass Effect. It’s so interesting to see how everyone plays the same game so differently.

    Followed a bunch of Etsy shops! Also, btw your instagram link is broken. :(


  10. It’s hard to choose but I would have to say DOCTOR WHO! Oh and you might want to put June 7th instead of May 7th


  11. What’s your favorite fandom and why? This is a two-fold question. I’m an anime fan so MY favorite fandom to be in is the Gintama fandom. The show has all the elements that I require for a great show; fight scenes, good looking characters, emotional turmoil, comedy, and the main character is an unapologetic cad. The fans are generally diverse and are pretty open-minded. I’m not part of the Dr. Who fandom but my favorite fans are from this fandom (my favorite doctor is the ninth doctor, screw you, David Tennant for making people forget about Christopher Eccleston!) The fandom is so large, it has accessories. And my tumblr is overwhelmed with Dr. Who posts.

    Follow Girl Gone Geek on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (if applicable) – heh, been doing this for a couple of years now.

    Follow any (or all!) of the Etsy shop’s you are interested in winning (links below). – Followed Comic Salvage, The Geekerie, Sugar and Vice, Nerdy Hussy.

    3, 7, 11, 15 – just one of these would make my day. *rolls dice*


  12. The first fandom I think I really belonged to was Harry Potter. I was into geeky stuff before that, but HP was the first large-scale thing I discovered that was a huge thing that people across the world all fell in love with.

    I love everything you feature, so I’d be happy to win anything! Happy Blogiversary!


  13. Favourite Fandom…

    I’m into SciFi since I read Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy when I was 9. Then Picard and I met (kind of…) it all ended in a Doctor Who-Sherlock-Star Trek-Dune-LEGO-Firefly-M*A*S*H-Cheers-Star Wars-Ender’s Game (THIS will be SO awesome!!)-Adams-Pratchett-Gaiman-Lukianenko-Fforde-Mash up (plus some more….).

    Now I’m a mum raising a geekling to be a proud nerd girl (klingonian 6y old with the huge wish of an own sonic screwdriver and a TARDIS on the Enterprise)

    If I REALLY have to choose, I’d go with Doctor Who.


  14. My favorite fandom would have to be the Losties because it is still so much fun to talk about the different theories fans of the show can come up with! It can lead to some crazy discussions!


  15. Augh–picking my favorite fandom is hard, but for the sake of honesty, the fandom of my heart is the LOTR/Hobbit crowd. As much as I adore Star Wars (and can’t remember a part of my life without the galaxy far, far away,) it was the works of J. R. R. Tolkein that made me the geek I am today.

    As to whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is entirely up to others, but hey–I’m having a ball now that The Hobbit movies are coming out, so it all works out.


  16. Favorite fandome…that is really hard, I would say I love comics, super heros, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, books, movies and so much more. I am a huge geek girl and I just love being me and meeting others who are geeks. It is amazing how I was harassed when younger for loving these things and now it seems to be so cool! I have cos played and am teaching my daughter to love these things too! Thanks for your blog!

    I am interested in 6, 11, 12, 13. Thanks again and Congratulations!


  17. Umm… I really like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Firefly and Farscape. (I didn’t know if ‘Teen Titans’ and ‘Batman’ counted as fandoms.) (And it’s impossible to just choose ONE!)
    Doctor Who is awesome and funny and amazing and fantastic and… Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey!
    When I was really, really little, I watched the 1st Harry Potter movie (and developed a HUGE crush on Harry when I was around 4/5/6… lolz) and read the books a bit later. I got a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter when I was 10, a moment I’ll never forget. I also dressed up for Halloween as Hermione for most of my Halloweens and dressed up in my Hogwarts robe for the premiere of some of the movies. :)
    Firefly… I started watching Firefly at the end of the series when my Mum was re-watching it and saw Serenity with her when she re-watched it. Since then, I’ve seen the whole series AND Serenity.
    Farscape… Man. I guess it’s because it’s SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!! I cannot describe WHY I love Farscape. I just do.

    Anyhoo. I’m interested in 3, 6, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13. :)


  18. My favorite fandom has to be harry potter- it is the fandom that introduced me to all fandoms. I have grown up with HP, I truly believe in reading and opening myself to new worlds and lives and anything imaginable because of these books. As for the series themselves I love the continuity and the relationships and all the complexities that even though they are sold in the children’s section at the book store, they are still so compelling that even now as an adult I am drawn completely into this magical world.


  19. My favorite fandom would have to be Doctor Who. I only discovered The Doctor a couple years ago, but since then, the show has been pretty much my favorite thing to watch and discuss with anyone who will listen. It makes me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. I love DW. :)


  20. There are so many! Right now my favorite fandom would have to be Doctor Who (happy 50th!). There is such a great sense of community of Whovians and it’s so fun discussing episodes and theories with friends and strangers alike.

    I also love anything Joss, Harry Potter, the Guild…I could keep going.

    And I have just greatly increased the Etsy shops I’m following.


  21. My favorite fandom?!?! That is hard, but I have to say it is Harry Potter. I grew up with the characters starting with the books and then the movies. I remember dressing up and going to book release parties, waiting so anxiously for the midnight movie premier, and then reciting mischief managed at the end of the last movie.It all culminated when I visited Harry Potter world in Florida and got my very own wand! Hermione was my favorite character because she was a nerdy, smart girl like me. She was an outcast but she didn’t let that stop her. She stood up to Voldemort with her brains, courage, and the power of her friends. It will always be a part of my life.


  22. I have to admit, even though Star Trek isn’t my favorite actual thing that I’m a fan of, the people & geeky items & vibe of the whole Trek fandom might be my favorite. :-)


  23. Every fandom has their own unique flavor, and I’m proud to be a member of SO MANY different groups!

    I think I have to choose Whovian, just because I’ve had SO MUCH FUN being a Whovian.
    However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love my Tolkein fandom, my Monty Python fandom, my Sailor Moon, fandom, my Zombie fandom….etc, etc. (Love ALL the fandoms!)

    Sidenote* I don’t have an Instagram account, since no smart phone. Am I still eligible?


  24. Star Trek. It’s hard, but it all comes back to to Trek, for me, if I’m being honest. Not that I don’t have love for Who and Harry Potter. If Buffy had a richer canon, I might go for that, but much as I love it… still not Star Trek.


  25. If I had to choose, my favorite fandom is Star Wars. It was my first geek love and has been such a huge part of who I am as a geek. It’s got such a huge following and is truly a multi-generational fandom! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new films!


  26. My favorite fandom is probably Doctor Who. I’ve met more friends through Who-love than any other fandom, and for the most part, I’m still friends with those people! Plus, there are just so many great in-jokes involved.


  27. Oh my flying broomsticks, that’s a hard question. I go through fandoms like Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends. But hey, I guess that’s just part of the teenage experience, so I’m allowed to change my mind. As for my favourite fandom, I’ll have to go with Harry Freakin’ Potter all the way. The reason? Well, Harry Potter has been there since the beginning. In fact the first fandom I entered. So I guess I’m just biased. Thanks for the amazing giveaway.


  28. It really is hard to pick just one…my earliest fandom was Star Trek. I would watch it with my dad all the time, and if I wasn’t feeling good we would do a marathon. I still find myself quoting it from time to time.


  29. My all time favourite is Dr.Who. The reason is, 1., the plot twists!!! 2. its extremely well done (the costumes, specials affects, ect.) 3.Its a good excuse to hang out with our friends and watch the newest episode, 4.Matt Smith!! 5. It’s. just. so. cool. and 6. You learn a bit of history in a fun way!!


  30. My favourite fandom would probably be Harry Potter. The magic around it will never be gone no matter how many years pass by, it never gets boring. I always discover new hidden messages and lessons to be learnt in the series. Whenever I think of the books/movies, I shiver and get very excited.. It’s something that has always been and always will be there.
    Follow Girl Gone Geek on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (if applicable) – been there, done that:D
    Follow any (or all!) of the Etsy shop’s you are interested in winning (links below). – Did it!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway, i fell in love with the artists!


  31. Not too sure if I can enter, but I’ll put in my 2 cents. :D

    One specific fandom is impossible for me to choose. I am in love with Doctor Who, DBZ, Zelda, Mario, Lord of the Rings, and pretty much any anime out there. I love seeing new things that inspire me to create new and challenging charms and figures. Having so many loves and passions makes life so much more exciting, because it’s almost like you have different lives with every fandom. :)

    Anyway, congratulations on your 3 years! Here is to many more GirlGoneGeek years!!!!


  32. It’s tough for me to pick one in particular. My latest fandoms are One Piece anime, Game of Thrones, and Dr. Who. I got into GoT over a year ago and Dr. Who like a month ago. I have been watch Once Piece like crazy and I am determined to catch up to the episodes in the 500’s. I got to 87 in three days on Hulu. I love all of the series and timelines within them all and such. They really get you emotionally tied.


  33. That is an impossible question. My first real fandom was The X-Files but I was still pretty young so I wasn’t that active. Stargate was a lot of fun and really got me into the world of fandom. It was MY fandom. LOTR was my high school experience though. The Hannibal fandom has been amazing so far and we’ve only just started (I’m only talking about the new show, not any fandom from previous versions). Star Trek is the world I’d want to live in but we’re talking fandom and not the actual canon…

    I think I’m gonna have to go with LOTR. It introduced me to many new-to-me aspects of fandom, it had some of the best crack, I made some really good friends in school because of it, it was the first time I started going to meet-ups, the cast was amazing, and I think I just loved everything about it.

    Though it’s a tough call. I’m a part of so many fandoms and they all stay with you. They’ve all helped shape me into who I am today :)


  34. Hmm. I have 2 favorite fandoms. I love the Whovians because there’s so much content and it tends to draw a clever, creative crowd. My second favorite would be the Supernatural fandom (mostly via tumblr). The endless gifs, ships and theories keep me entertained for days at a time :)


  35. Having to pick just one fandom is not even fair.
    I think currently it’s Farscape. I WILL one day get a Chiana cosplay and it just might have to be from the Jon Quixote episode.
    But I also love Doctor Who a lot and Star Trek even more and X-Men and Batman! See, picking just one is hard. Also, does Monster High count as a fandom ’cause in all reality, I follow what’s going on with those dolls so much closer than I follow anything else. I only have over 80 of them right now and constantly hunting down the ones I need. Major obsession right there. Major.
    So, I think I’m going to have to change my answer to Monster High.


  36. I love SO MANY fandoms!! Star Trek because I believe it would be amazing to go to other planets and be friends with aliens. Harry Potter because I want to be a wizard and go to Hogsmeade and live in an enchanted Scottish castle. Nintendo because my Dad taught me how to play when I was 5 (NES) and Mario and Yoshi are now longtime friends of mine. Lord of the Rings because Middle Earth is wonderful and I’d love to have a pint with Hobbits or visit the elves in their enchanted realms. Adventure Time because it’s so wacky and wonderful, and who wouldn’t want to visit Finn and Jake. Doctor Who because being the Companion to a 900-year old Time Lord with an English accent would be the chance of a lifetime….so much awesome all around!


  37. My favourite fandom would have to be Doctor Who. My dad watched the show growing up and when he heard the series was picking up again he said he HAVE to watch this! Since then I have been hooked!!! I have met so many great people who are in love with this show and they really have become part of my family!
    (P.S. He also showed me the older Doctors and I can’t believe what the show has become. Its STILL an amazing even after staying alive for 50years… Not many shows get to say that!!!)


  38. Easy. Dr. Who. What other show can have a run as long as Dr Who and still have a wide fanbase? And they’re the best fans ever. They make up all these scenarios and they connect with the show on a deep level. It means so much more to them than just characters in some show. These are real people and they see themselves in them and they feel like they’re more and they can do more and the universe is full of possibilities. They believe.


  39. Ah, I LOVE Harshness! Awesome shop. Glad to see them on here.

    My favorite fandom… My number one has to be Harry Potter. I grew up reading the books, watching the films while the characters were my age at every film release. It was just wonderful. The story itself is so beautiful, the universe is so rich, and the fans are the very best!

    I fangirl and obsess over ASOIAF and anything Marvel too, but Harry will always be #1 in my heart.


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