It’s Girl Gone Geek’s Three-Year Blogiversary!


I can’t believe my little baby is three years old! When I started my blog back in 2010, I had no idea it would turn into this lovely little blog. I just wanted to write about my favorite geeky obsessions and hoped a couple of people would read it.

As the years went on (wow, I can say years now), I realized that I could use my blog for more than just sharing cool Sandman tattoos or why I love Hayao Miyazki so much. As a black and hispanic female geek blogger, I felt I had a responsibility to bring certain issues to the forefront. So I began discussing important topics such as gender, race, bullying, loss and more as it relates to geek culture.

We share common passions, so why not help and support each other as well? I hope that by opening up about these things and getting personal, it will help others. We’re a community and I want to make sure that we treat each other as such. I’ll also never stop talking about how much I love Doctor Who on Twitter or Facebook. That’s really important as well.

Girl Gone Geek is celebrating three years of existence today because of you. So I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll stop all the feels now before it gets out of hand. But for reals, thanks.


  1. Awesome site. Love your perspective. So rare to have your type of energy in this “realm”… Just started to get into Dr. Who!!


  2. Congratulations on your hitting your three year mark. It takes a lot of work to run a blog and most certainly have the moxie the get it done. I hope you have many years more to come!


  3. What an amazing achievement Jamila! So happy and proud for you! Happy blogiversary and here’s to many more!


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