Pringles & Star Wars The Force For Fun Finalist: Ewok Plushie Giveaway

Pringles Star Wars The Force For Fun Logo

Excited to be a Force for Fun influencer for Pringles and Star Wars! The finalist this week shows us what happens when movie buffs collide, things get awesome. We’re guessing filmmakers Jared Hedges and Dave Cain (Team Spaceman) know a lot about this phenomenon.

Team Spaceman BTS 3As part of the Pringles® and Star Wars “The Force For Fun” promotion, more than a thousand fan-generated video ideas were gathered through and narrowed down to seven finalist videos competing for a grand prize of $25,000* and the chance to be featured as a national advertisement.

Pringles YouTube and Facebook page will announce the winning vid at the end of June, so be sure to follow them to stay tuned!

Oh and there’s a giveaway, too! 


Winner receives: Two cans of Pringles, 1 Ewok Plush Doll (he even talks!).. Enter below!

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One Comment

  1. I don’t usually watch to many commercials but this was AWESOME and so inventive…just come out with the new Star Wars already! :-D xo


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