My Pull List: Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Millar & Frank Quitely


Have you ever experienced something new and you’re practically buzzing with excitement? That’s how I feel right now after reading Jupiter’s Legacy, the new series by Mark Miller with art by Frank Quitely.

I love comics, obviously, but I don’t typically read a lot of the mainstream superhero stuff. I’m obsessed with certain series like Batman from DC or Hawkeye from Marvel. But typically, I prefer comics that are intended for mature readers from Vertigo and Image. It’s just my thing. So when I heard about this new Image series by Millar, the guy who created Kick-Ass, I was pretty excited. Even thought it had superheroes.

Quitely’s art and Peter Doherty’s coloring captivated me from the first panel. I loved Quietly in We3, and my eyes welcomed his work once more. I missed his rough yet surprisingly soft art-style. Especially the subtle details, everything down to the wrinkled shirt and lit cigarette.

As I said, I’m cautious when it comes to superheroes comics, but Millar’s jarring realism had me hooked. (Yes, I used realism and superheroes in the same sentence.) Jupiter’s Legacy is like a reality show about the conflicts between two generations of superheroes, except it’s not trashy. Actually… Grace and the Utopian’s children, Sampson and Chloe, are pretty trashy. Just look at them, they are a hot mess. They need rehab and a bath. And unsurprisingly so.

It’s a behind-the-scenes take on what life would be like for supes and their kids in today’s society. It’s unflattering to say the least, but that’s what makes Jupiter’s Legacy so intriguing. Some children follow in their parents’ footsteps and others rebel.

Millar, Quitely and Doherty give you a lot of reasons to fall in love with Jupiter’s Legacy. I mean, where else will you find a superhero overdose on space coke? I didn’t even know that was a thing.


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