Etsy Crush of the Week & Giveaway: Comic Geekery

I can’t get enough of up-cycled comic book jewelry. What better way to show your fangirlness than with a necklace made from an actual comic! I’ve barely taken off my Joker necklace from Comic Geekery (below) since I got it! It’s practically perfect and great quality. Check out the fun interview with the shop owner and creator, Blake, below as well as the giveaway rules!

Comic Geekery- Joker Necklace

I love my Joker necklace!

Girl Gone Geek Discount: Enter GEEKDISCOUNT10 at the Comic Geekery checkout, and get 10% off!

Interview with Blake of Comic Geekery

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Blake Superman ProfileBlake: My name is Blake. I am a 27-year-old youth minister, currently living in North Carolina with my wife and pet hedgehog named Herbie. I studied art in high school and college. I enjoy many different studio arts: drawing, sketching, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting, etc…

You have a hedgehog?

Blake: Yes, he is actually my wife’s. He’s quite cranky and will poke us with his spikes if we annoy him, but can be cuddly if he wants to be. I’ve always thought that it must be a frustrating existence… always trying to intimidate and scare everyone while living in such an adorable body. Herbie

What’s Comic Geekery’s origin story?

Blake: I have always looked for a creative way to create art that people enjoy and get it into their hands. However, much of my art takes months to complete. When you invest so much of your life into a piece, separation anxiety kicks in when you try to sell it.

In the past few years, I have been growing more fascinated by the geeky world of comics. It is fun to learn the different story arcs, the creation of the worlds, and the characters.

One day last fall, as I was in an antique store, thumbing through some of the comic books in stock, I found myself admiring the beauty and color of the artwork. I just love the “look” of the comics on the vintage newspaper-stock pages. My wife was looking for jewelry at the time, and I thought, “I need to combine these two things! All geeks will love it!” I rescued some discount comics from a dull life in a box, and created them into wearable art!

What sets each piece apart is the fact that I created each pendant directly from the cover or page of a vintage comic book. They are not copies or reprints, so each one is totally unique.

I have a lot of fun planning and creating each piece. It is very relaxing and a good break from the day. This is a relatively new startup, so spread the news!

What are your favorite pieces?

DSCN6473bBlake: Even though the images from the cover have bolder colors, I really like the pieces that are made from the vintage newspaper-stock pages. They have a unique look, texture, and feel that are uniquely “comics.”

That being said, my favorite piece by far was one that has sold already. It showed Batman, still in costume, sitting in his Bat Cave, casually drinking a cup of coffee while talking with Alfred. It was unusual and made me laugh. I’m sure I will have a hard time finding another image like that.

DC or Marvel?

Blake: While I do enjoy reading adventures from both, I think I slightly prefer DC Comics over Marvel. After all, my favorite character is Batman. I also prefer comics that are pre-1995… basically, the era of my childhood and before. I like the art style from back then.

If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic book, and movies would you bring?

Blake: I would bring Epic Mickey 2 (I’m also an avid Disney geek), the entire Batman Knightfall series, and the Dark Knight Trilogy with me… and If I wanted to kill even more time, I may bring the entire six seasons of LOST. And while I am at it, I would probably bring along some seeds, matches, and a water purifier.

Where can we find you in the web?




Win this Batman Pendant Necklace from Comic Geekery!

Comic Geekery Batman Giveaway

Here is how you can win:

1) The winner will be randomly selected from those who “like” the Comic Geekery facebook page.

2) If you leave a post stating your favorite comic book hero, it won’t hurt your chances. :)

Contest ends April 20, 2013.


  1. My favorite Marvel superhero is Wolverine and my favorite DC heroes are Batman, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. Asking me to choose between them is next to impossible. :)


  2. Batman is really a Marvel family member in disguise. I wonder if they have a Wolverine one. I would wear these to NYCC.

    P.s. I’m quite sure you have already, but have you heard of “Loot Crate” Jamila? It’s a monthly Geek/Gamer box subscription service ($19 and change a month without coupon code). Last month (my 1st month with them) was a “Cosmos” theme (which included a Star Wars Pop bobble head, Hex bug, a Spock pen, and a couple other space related items). April’s theme is “Token” (Suppose to be related to arcades somehow).

    Just wanted to spread the word if you’ve never heard of them b4.


  3. I love the Joker, especially old old school Joker, when he’s doing completely ridiculous things (like stealing someone’s report card) just because it’s amusing at the time. With more and more violence, he’s lost the joy and gaiety that he used to have.


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