Use the Force with Lego Star Wars



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Or rather, a few decades ago in Denmark, Lego was born. A couple more decades after that, Star Wars hit our screens for the first time and created a pop culture phenomenon. In 1999, fate finally joined these star-crossed lovers, Lego and Star Wars, together and created and the perfect collectible toy sets for the young and young-at-heart alike.

With the news of Disney acquiring Star Wars, we now know the space epic is set to find a third generation of fans with the 2015 release of a new trilogy. To occupy your time between watching the old films and waiting for the new, you can build your little Hoth, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, Sebulba’s Podracers you name it! You can buy the Lego Star Wars collection at Tesco. The Rebel Alliance needs you… or The Empire depending on how you feel that day.


  1. Dear Jamila + fans,

    Heads up! The Jabba The Hut Palace set is being withdrawn from sale at the end of this year.
    Complaints were made to Lego about the similarity to an existing mosque and the stereotyping of muslims as ‘pirates and gunrunners’
    Buy it now or lose it forever. A sad day.Geeks unite and voice your displeasure!

    Report follows below (original text taken from and

    ” Austria’s Turkish community claimed a victory in its fight against Danish toy giant Lego after the firm agreed to withdraw a Star Warstoysetfeaturing a mosque-like building inhabited by an obese, hookah smoking alien, following complaints that it was anti-Muslim.

    Lego added the Jabba’s Palace set to its Star Wars collection in 2012.Butin January this year the set started to provoke ‘outrage’ in Austria’s Islamic community. ‘Furious’ Muslims complained that the Lego set’s Asian and oriental figures were deceitful and criminal characters such as gun-runners, slave masters and terrorists.

    Melissa Gunes, a spokeswoman for Austria’s Turkish Cultural Association claimed that the palacehad anuncanny resemblance to Istanbul’s HagiaSophia mosque:

    The game is pedagogical dynamite. It depicts Muslims as terrorists.

    It has emerged that Lego backed down and agreed to end its production from 2014 onwards. The decision followed a meeting in Munich between Turkish community leaders and Lego executives.”


    1. *headdesk* Why? Just…why? I have no words. Seriously, have they not seen Star Wars? Do they not see that this Lego set is based on a set and characters from a movie. Why are people so easily offended? *sigh*

      I better pick that set up soon, I do love my Lego sets and that is one I’ve been wanting to get.


  2. Myself,i’m buying TWO sets. Can you imagine the increase in value once they are removed from sale? And it’s a hard task to keep a set complete,all those itty bitty blocks.
    I don’t get why the complaint is aimed at a TOY and not the movies ! As far as i recall,Lego sets aren’t renowned for their storytelling and characters.
    No child will assume its a Mosque,nor be playing games based around stereotypes and veiled societal commentary.
    They’ll be too busy at E.R rooms having the heads n smaller blocks removed from their ears and noses….or was that just me?lol

    Just when i thought i could no longer be surprised by silly people’s propensity to be ‘shocked and offended’ by anything. I despair. I really do.


  3. We have so many Star Wars Legos because of my husband and the kids (also we live in the city right next to Legoland). My husband has a few tables setup in the garage to display his finished projects that the kids are not allowed to play with. I’m looking forward to another movie but hope that Disney stays true to the spirit of Star Wars….


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