How Much Is Doctor Who’s TARDIS Worth?

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me what a TARDIS was… well you know the rest. But we know as proud Doctor Who fans, that it’s our duty to spread the good word of the doctor, his companions and travels. Doctor Who is sacred and priceless, but did you ever wonder how much an actual TARDIS would cost? The fine folks over at Movoto took a stab at its estimated price and it looks like I need to start saving up!


More TARDIS Info via Motovo:



  1. I’m so sorry, I accidentally hit the Enter key. Fumble fingers at quarter to four in the morning, I guess.
    The TARDIS is priceless! But actually, it was cool seeing it valuized. Is that a word? I really wish I could go to bed now, but I’m at work!


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