Tattoo Tuesday Featurette- Terrell’s Cowboy Bebop x Anubis Ink

cowboy bebop anubis tattoo terrell

Terrell is my IRL friend. I’ve known him for a few years now and he is one of my few friends that I can actually talk to about my numerous geeky obsessions because he’s pretty obsessed too. We always seem to talk about Cowboy Bebop, because, well… it’s Bebop! He’ll end up talking about his crush on Faye, and I always gush about having the hots for Spike. Terrell is also a talented graphic designer and musical artist. Check out the interview to find out the inspiration for his incredibly amazing Spike Spiegel and Anubis mashup tattoo he designed.

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Tattoo Tuesday Featurette Interview with Terrell:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Terrell: My name is Terrell Coakley, I am an aspiring artist in the fields of both music and graphic design. I have a small addiction to the cinemas (small as in I have a plethora of random movie quotes in my head from films that most people my age haven’t even heard of.) and I can sleep through an atomic bomb, given enough blankets.

You designed your Spike Spiegel/Anubis tattoo, where did you get the inspiration to mash up Cowboy Bebop and Egyptian mythology?

Terrell's tattoo design

Terrell's tattoo design

Terrell: I started to have dreams about Anubis, that were very interesting, so I began to research more about him. I talked to my professor, Kaba Kamene, he gave me some background information and I realized that Impu (Anubis) was my egyptian astrological deity. Well that idea just HAD to become a tattoo. I didn’t want to get him in his original egyptian form, however, because I thought I would want to better represent the person I am now. Being that I LOVE Spike Spiegel, ( I seriously want to be like him when I grow up and or become a famous anime character, whichever happens first) I thought, why not give Anubis Spike’s trademark swaggerific single breast space suit. So I put the pen to the paper, and now its a permanent mark on my arm.

Do you have any other tattoos?

Terrell: I have seven tattoos, all in simple outline, very minimalist. I don’t think too much detail or shading compliments my skin tone. I have two outlines of africa on my forearms, that become one image when I put my arms together, a koi fish, a dragon, a phoenix, words across my chest in phonetics, and Anubis is the most recent.

Any plans for future tattoos?

Terrell: Tattoos are so addictive…I think I want about 4 or 5 more, specifically inspired by Kemetics. but I always wait until I find something with meaning, so that I wont be too upset when I’m looking in the mirror at age 70.

What are some of your other favorite geeky things? 

Terrell: Like most guys I love video games, and high tech geeky gadgets, but I think my obsession with Spiderman probably takes the cake…Still upset about spiderman 3 though.

If you were on a deserted island what video game, comic/book, movie, TV show would you bring?

Terrell: I would bring my original copy of final fantasy VII, though I’ve beat the game with friends, I never actually beat it on my own playstation. I think that would occupy a lovely amount of time. of course I would want to bring Watchmen…but as of late I’ve gotten really addicted to the comic stylings of Jason (John Arne Sæterøy) so I might actually want to bring “pocket full of rain” thats an amazing comic book. As far as a movie I would have to bring ‘Coming to America’..only because that shit will NEVER get old. I would bring ‘How I Met Your Mother’ for a tv show, as long as I could get the script for when ted actually meets this chick! but since he probably wont ever meet her, I’d just bring Bebop.

Where can we find you in the web?

Terrell: Hit me up on Tumblr:, and Twitter: @northstarbrooks … Facebook is gonna die soon, but you can check out some of my music there if your ears need to pleasure:

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