Fan Art: An Explosion Of Creativity

“Humans have a need to share information and ideas: anything we like, anything that’s important to us, we have to let people know about it.” – Jonah Block

When geeks love, we love hard, and we want to share our love for our favorite fandoms in any way possible. One of those ways is fan art.

Fan art is nothing new, but thanks to the internet we have unlimited access to beautiful renditions of our favorite obsessions. Whether it’s a mashup, realism, minimalism; just give us a search bar and we’ll find some truly amazing fan art by talented artists. Because of the fandoms and fan art popularity, we can do more than just have the artwork as our computer wallpaper; you can buy fan art on clothing and other items through sites like Teefury, Redbubble, Threadless (to name a few).

Off Book is a web series from PBS that explores leading art and the artists that make it and the fans that share it online.

The fan art community is one of the most creative and active online. Taking pop culture stories and icons as its starting point, the fan community extends those characters into new adventures, unexpected relationships, bizarre remixes, and even as the source material for beautiful art. Limited only by the imagination of the artist, the fan art world is full of surprises and brilliance.

This Off Book episode dives deeper into a world most of us are already immersed in and gives some interesting insight to the online world of fan art. It features interviews from artists like Fred Seibert from Adventure Time, Sam SprattAdam JureskoJonah Block who I’ve featured on my blog and more.

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