Interview with Geeky Pop Songstress Emii

The stunning singer-songwriter Emii is known for fun dance songs like “Stilettos”, “Magic” and “Mr. Romeo” feat. Snoop Dogg. But what some people may not know is that this talented singer is also a major geek. She grew up with a mic in one hand and a X-Men comic in the other. I’m pretty sure her resemblance to Mystic during a scene in her music video “Magic” is no coincidence. I got the chance to interview the pop starlette and get to know her geeky side.

How early did you begin singing? Is it something you always wanted to do?

Emii: I’ve been singing since I came out of the womb, and even as a child I would make up songs and take the stage whether I was invited to or not.  It’s just always felt natural to me.

I know you’re a big comic book fangirl and worked at a comic book shop for a while. What are some of your earliest memories with comics?

Emii: I remember when Magneto ripped the adamantium from Wolverine’s body. I was really depressed.

DC or Marvel?

Emii: Definitely Marvel, although I’d never turn down Batman.

What super hero movie are you most excited to see this summer? The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises or The Amazing Spiderman?

Emii: All of them!  This is going to be the best summer ever!

Do you incorporate your love for comics, games and sci-fi into your music?

Emii: Absolutely. Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s right out in the open… Regardless, those that know me best and kindred spirits can identify it immediately.

What are some of your current obsessions?

Emii: Collecting movie accurate prop replicas.  I really want a Captain America shield and a Noisy Cricket from Men in Black.

I know picking a favorite of anything is tough, but do you have a favorite video game, or one that’s near and dear to your heart?

Emii:  Final Fantasy VII.  Sephiroth was the ultimate badass.

I heard you have a geeky tattoo that would fit right in with my Tattoo Tuesdays! What is it of and why did you get it? Any plans for other geeky tattoos?

Emii: The tattoo on my right arm was my ten year martial arts anniversary gift. Does that count?

It sure does! What do you think sets you apart from other pop singers?

Emii: I haven’t met all of the other pop singers yet, but if they’re down to rewatch the original Star Wars Trilogy, or even a few seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and then play the Marvel edition of Scene It, then we’ll all happily be on the same page.

So I read you are a big X-Men fan, if you were a mutant what would your power and name be?

Emii: I’d probably have powers similar to Rogue because if I had my way, I would have ALL of the powers (I know, I’m being kind of greedy, I’m sorry).  I don’t think I can properly name myself without being doused in radioactive goo or experiencing something truly tragic and life-changing (AKA obtaining superpowers), so we’ll have to wait for the moment when I obtain said powers and then I’ll totally get back to you with something super awesome.

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