TV Talk: The Walking Dead Finale ‘Beside the Dying Fire’

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes. I will not, however, discuss spoilers from the shows source material (even though I really want to). However, I might compare the source material and show only after that event has happened, or clearly won’t happen. TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. Just me, talking about TV. 

I’m writing this right after the finale ended. I’m still buzzing from Michonne‘s début. So please excuse me while I gush about how much I love her and I’ll probably ramble a bit… or a lot.

I loved Michonne from the moment she walked onto the prison in the comic series. Other than her blatant badassness and extremely cool katana wielding skills, she’s black. Now I’ve read a lot, and watched a lot of things, especially genre things, and black people, well any people of color for that matter, are under represented. So when there’s a black character, scratch that, a black woman who is also amazing, I’m extremely happy. I never realized how much of an impact it would be not seeing people who looked like me represented in the things I loved the most. But book after book, show after show, it became more apparent that there really aren’t that many people of color represented. I’ve come to realize that my brain loves Michonne because she’s an amazing complex character. But my heart loves her because she represents part of me.

Next on my gush list is the prison! Now if you’ve read the comics you know all about the prison and what happens there. The prison arc is my favorite part of the comic series by far and I’m sure the TV version will not let me down. (It better not.) Seeing the prison at the end of the finale, right after I finished screaming about Michonne’s début (yes I literally screamed out lout) was the icing on the cake, or rather the shotgun to the brain.

Now that those things are out my system I can talk about other stuff. This episode was utter chaos, and I mean that in the best way possible. They did a wonderful job really translating the madness of the zombie horde’s attack on the farm. I was tense and sitting at edge of my seat the first half of the show!

Rick’s character has went through a big transformation since the beginning of the series. Tonight was a turning point for him, where he had to let go and truly accept the “new Rick” and what comes along with that. What I love about Rick is how well he illustrates how hard it is to be a leader, especially during a zombie apocalypse. Rick didn’t ask to be the leader of the group, but he is. And living with the consequences of the critical decisions he made and will be forced to make bares down on his heart and it shows. It tears him apart, but I think that will ultimatley help him hold on to his humanity.

Overall I think the first half of the season dragged. If their excuse was character development, then I think it could have been handled differently. The second half was absolutely amazing! Each episode was exciting and engaging and the cinematography just gets better and better. Who knew zombies and a burning barn could be so beautiful? Thanks for reading my ramblings on The Walking Dead. Is it October yet?! Well at least I have Game of Thrones coming up to keep me company.

And just one last time… MICHONNE!  Okay I’m done now.


  1. Totally agree with you on everything. What makes the show and the comic so awesome is how it shows any ethnicity in not only a positive light but in a realistic light and seeing a badass black woman like Michonne is even more than awesome. And yes, tough times for Rick ahead! (Wanna spoil so bad…)


  2. Perfect review/blog. I’m right there with you on everything. I basically hit retweet on every single tweet of yours last night haha.


    1. Seriously!!!!! Lori and Carl are really getting on my nerves with how many lives they are ruining/getting killed. Ugh! They both need slapped, hard.


  3. As a Hispanic female I totally understand the feeling that minorities are under represented in great shows like this and that when they are represented they are usually stereotypical representations of minorities. So I love the fact that Michonne has entered the scene. And I’m also really happy that you had a freak out! I had a freak out too but I was watching it alone and couldn’t turn around to say, “OMG!!! SHE’S—THAT’S–OMG!!!” And when I saw the prison? I almost collapsed in a geeky overload. It was fantastic! God I wish I had a girl like you to discuss this geeky stuff with!


  4. I do agree. Sadly, I’ve never read the comic series, but the beginning of the season was slow to establish the characters and all those story-telling dramatics. The ending was intense! Couldn’t ask for anything better. Rick is now badass, or more badass then before and the rest of the group is evolving into different roles, which is interesting to see how that develops. Can’t wait to see this prison arc and discover more about this Michonne girl you rave about. Black women aren’t indeed rep’d too well in media, so she must be awesome sauce to be in this show.


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