Tattoo Tuesday Featurette- Girls Ink Hearts’ Doctor Who, Sherlock and Harry Potter Tattoos

I first came across GirlsInkHearts’ Sherlock tattoo on her live journal while looking for Tattoo Tuesday ink. I keep surfing her blog… and then… *gasp* I came across her fantastic sonic screwdriver in a garter tattoo! So the next logical step was was to search the internet (aka cyberstalk) for her contact info, because I had to have her for Tattoo Tuesday Featurette. And to my lovely surprise she had two Harry Potter tattoos as well! This is practically a regular Tattoo Tuesday!

If you’re interested in being featured in a Tattoo Tuesday or Tattoo Tuesday Featurette please email me at girlgonegeekblog(@)gmail(dot)com.

Tattoo Tuesday Featurette Interview with Girls Ink Hearts:

Can you tell us about yourself?
I’m a twenty-years old psychology and linguistic student from University of Sydney. I spend most of my time at the cinema, watching tv shows on my laptop, and reading.

What are your tattoos of and why did you get them?
I have four tattoos. My first tattoo is of the Deathly Hallows and is behind my right ear; I got it because Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life, especially my childhood, and I wanted something subtle to show for it.
My second tattoo is on my back, between my shoulders. It is the Hogwarts motto “draco dormiens nunquam titillandus“, which is Latin for ‘let sleeping dragons lie’ or ‘never tickle a sleeping dragon’. The font is actually the font used to publish the Harry Potter books. This might sound silly, but I really like the idea of falling asleep next to someone, and have them read my tattoo, grin, then tickle me awake.

My third tattoo is “221B” from the address “221B Baker Street”, the address of Sherlock Holmes. It’s on my right wrist. I picked the exact font used on the door of BBC Sherlock’s flat. (I actually got it done with a friend who is a fan of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes; she got “221B” in the film’s font behind her ear). I’ll be honest and say I’m not a purist, but I’m completely in love with the BBC show. My house burnt down in September 2010 and all I really had left was the laptop I’d taken to uni[versity] with me that day; I had all three episodes of Sherlock on my laptop and those episodes were my lifeline during a really hard time. It’s the first fandom I’ve really felt like I belong in; my friends in the fandom feel like family. I really wanted a tattoo to remind me of how much the Sherlock fandom feels like home.
My fourth tattoo was done in two parts. I had a lace garter tattooed around my right thigh, then a few weeks later Eleven’s sonic screwdriver tattooed down the side of my right thigh. I knew I wanted a Doctor Who related tattoo, but I wasn’t sure what. I considered getting bow-ties behind my thighs, and when looking up photos of thigh tattoos, came across garter tattoos and loved the idea of a sonic in a garter. I was initially hesitant about getting it done because it is a great deal bigger and, well, obvious than my other tattoos. Then I re-watched season 5 of Doctor Who and caved.
Any plans for future tattoos?
I’ve been discussing an Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoo with my tattoo artist. I’d also really like a tattoo inspired by the novella “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, but I don’t have a design in mind yet.

Favorite doctor and favorite companion?
Eleven and Amelia Pond.
Favorite Sherlock story?
Book-wise, I quite like “A Study in Scarlet” (but not nearly as much as I like “A Study in Pink”). My favourite episode of the BBC series is “The Great Game”.
What do you think would happen if Sherlock and the Doctor met?
There would be too much incredible in one place, possibly tearing a hole in the universe.
Tom Baker has the scarf and Matt Smith has the bow tie, what would your doctor accessory be?
A garter!
What are your other favorite fandoms?
“Harry Potter” and “The Avengers”.

Where can we find you in the web? 
All my links are here:


  1. I’ve followed her Tumblr for so long now. She was the reason I got into the Sherlock fandom over a year ago. Such an inspiration!


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