TV Talk: Fringe- The End of All Things

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes. I will not, however, discuss spoilers from the shows source material (even though I really want to). However, I might compare the source material and show only after that event has happened, or clearly won’t happen. TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. Just me, talking about TV. 

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Fringe- Season 4 Episode 14 “The End of All Things”

Following the “Holy Shit” ending from last week, I expected this dramatically titled episode “The End of All Things” to blow my mind. But it didn’t. I enjoyed it, for the most part, but allow me to explain.

After many years, we finally find out who the observers are. I should be more excited about this than actually I am. But their big reveal was a bit predictable, or dare I say, safe.

The observers are super-evolved humans from a (possible) future timeline. Which I think was the most common and reasonable theory that has been adopted by many Cortexifans since season one. But that was pretty much the only “new” news that September told us. Even Peter gets frustrated and tells him, “Walter already told me this.”

Peter finds out he is a daddy, well, he was a daddy. Baby Henry wasn’t supposed to happen, or at least not with Fauxlivia, and that’s why Peter and Henry had to be erased. But like most people in Fringe, no one stays erased (or dead) forever.

I’m pretty sure Henry will come back. Even though I don’t believe Peter is projecting his thoughts onto Olivia like Walter and Lincoln believe, if we go with that theory then perhaps baby Henry will magically reappear into existence because Peter wants him back. Or maybe the right Olivia will get pregnant?

I felt like this scene would have been the perfect time to tell us how exactly Peter was able to return. Where was he when he “didn’t exist”? What was up with all those flashes of Peter that Walter was seeing in the beginning of the season? Hopefully we’ll find out those answers this season. I felt like the Peter/September mind-meld should have been one of the highlights of the season, but it fell short or to quote a friend, it was “blunted”.

Despite my feelings on the observer reveal. I did enjoy this episode. The pacing was fast, especially forFringe. Of course, in typical Bad Robot style we get one question answered, only to have several more questions emerge. Which Nina is working with Jones? Is it original Nina, Alt-Nina, shape-shifter Nina, or something completely different?

One of my favorite scenes was when Olivia goes all Jean Gray meets Carrie and used her powers to free herself from DRJ and save Peter. I did my best to ignore Olivia’s sorry excuse of a seizure (and by ignore I mean yell at my TV). We get yet another surprise, Jones can’t die, or at least easily. Pretty cool. But why didn’t Liv shoot the portal generator instead of DRJ? She could have either sliced and diced him (again) or trapped him. But then I guess we wouldn’t know that a bullet to his throat is harmless.

I wanted to strangle Peter when he tells Olivia for the umpteenth time, “You are not my Olivia”. And then it “suddenly” begins to rain…

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