TV Talk: Fringe- A Better Human Being

TV Talk: There will be spoilers about the featured episode and previous episodes. I will not, however, discuss spoilers from the shows source material (even though I really want to). However, I might compare the source material and show only after that event has happened, or clearly won’t happen. TV Talk isn’t really a recap, or an official review. It’s how I feel about the episode and show in general. Just me, talking about TV. 

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Oh my, where to start. ‘A Better Human Being’ had me on an emotional rollercoaster. I felt the first half of season was very up and down. We would only get little doses of the major story arch, but mostly they focused on the case of the week.

The last few episodes are finally discussing what we really care about. Will everyone be drinking boxed wine in the future?! And also, who the observers are, is Peter where he’s supposed to be, and what’s up with Nina drugging Olivia with cortexiphan?

Peter has annoyed me with his whole, “I need to go back to my timeline” thing. My theory is, I think he is in his timeline, it’s just that Olivia and everyone elses’ memory hasn’t snapped back yet. So this episode Olivia is finally starts getting major flashbacks, and my emotions are all over the place! I’m so excited she’s starting to remember, but poor Peter is too scared to accept it. He doesn’t want another Fauxlivia baby mama drama on his hands (and neither do I). When they held hands, my poor heart just couldn’t take it. I think that scene expressed more than when they kissed in the car.

Poor Walter is jealous that Olivia is getting flashbacks about Peter and he isn’t. And I can’t be mad at him for that. He also finds out about Olivia and the cortexiphan in her body and goes with Lincoln (yay he’s back!) to talk to Nina. The bomb is dropped and they find out Nina was lying. Then they drop another bomb and not only is Olivia kidnapped, Nina is kidnapped too! What the what?!

So is the Nina kidnapped in the basement “our Nina”? Is the bad Nina a shape-shifter or a FuaxNina from the red ‘verse? Maybe they perfected shape-shifters so they don’t have to kill them and identical genetically. They must be keeping Nina alive for some important reason. Is AltBroyles a baddie too? Does Olivia really have to die? Can she rewrite fate? When will we find out about who the observers are? What is Phase 2? What is Jones master plan? Why was the glyph of the episode “HENRY” the cab driver from the red ‘verse? So many questions!

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