MOO Giveaway- Win Awesome Minicards & Stickers

MOO Giveaway with Girl Gone Geek! 

Remember those guys I was gushing about in a review? Well they were awesome enough to sponsor a giveaway!

There are 3 sets of MOO’s adorable MiniCards up for grabs, plus one of those extra lucky winners will ALSO get a set of MOO stickers too! In case you’ve not come across MOO before, they print business cards, greeting cards, stickers, greeting cards, labels and more.

A Little More About MOO 

MOO was born out of a passion of beautiful, high-quality print and design – they make creating and printing your own unique products so simple. You can either upload your own artwork and designs, or select from one of MOO’s business card templates and personalize from there.

MOO also offers their unique ‘Printfinity’ technology which allows customers to print a different image on each card, at no extra cost!

Giveaway Prizes 

Grand Prize: 100 MOO MiniCards and a set of 104 MOO Round Stickers

Runners Up: 2 sets of 100 MiniCards for 2 separate runners up. 

How To Win!

To win one of the MOO prizes, all you have to do is leave a comment below or on this Facebook post and tell us how you would use your MiniCards? What would you print on them? A portfolio of images? Or a set of fun quotes perhaps? Be creative, fun and most importantly unique!

The winners will be selected from the comments on Monday Feb. 20th. Please remember to enter a valid email address. Good luck!






  1. If I won the MOO cards I would be torn…either use them for practical purposes (like my photography and design portfolios) or go geeky ( 100 Doctor Who quotes anyone?) I hope I win! Crossing my fingers!


  2. I’m a touring musician, and I think it would be neat to print chords to my songs on cards and give them out so that people could more easily cover my music. Pic and website on one side, chords on the other. A completely cool business card experience.


  3. I’d also be torn between the practical and the whimsical. Or I could mix them: practical stuff on the front for my portfolios, funny quotes on the back. This could work. Hmmm.


  4. With my MOO cards, I would use them as gift tags and tags on the craft items I make and sell! They will be a cute, graphic, decorative item to attach to gifts and products, with the handy dandy benefit of reminding the recipient of who gave them the item (and where they can get more)!


  5. If i won the MOO cards, I’d have each one be a different picture I’ve taken or images of my favorite characters…okay, half would probably be Tennant. Then I’d have the problem of do I actually use them as business cards are supposed to be used or keep them all like the last time I bought MOO cards.


  6. I will be launching a new etsy store next month and I would love to put images of my products on the front of the cards. I would do a large variety of images and use the cards as tags attached with cute string and it would serve as a business card as well directing people to my site!


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