Tattoo Tuesday- Sherlock Holmes

Whether Sherlock solved his way into your heart through Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s book or on the small or big screen, there’s plenty room in the fandom for everyone.

My dad is a big fan of Sherlock and I remember him talking about him and reading the stories to me when I was younger. I also went to visit the 221B Baker Street, but Sherlock and John weren’t home. Probably busy detecting, smoking pipes and wearing deerstalker hats.

Now I’m all grown up, I couldn’t be happier seeing everyone’s favorite consulting detective and beloved sidekick doctor back on TV and film, whether he’s being played by Cumberbatch or Downey.

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

Tattoo by JJ Osman done at Palor was Doll Star Tattoo [Source]

CedricsSecret‘s Sherlock Holmes Tattoo Quote: “First tattoo!! This is the full contextual quote:

“It saved me from ennui,” he answered, yawning. “Alas! I already feel it closing in upon me. My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplace of existence. These little problems help me to do so.” – Sherlock Holmes, in “The Red Headed League”

Side note, I do know that on the tat existence is spelled incorrectly, but that was intentional as it is my own handwriting an individual nuance that make up the tattoo.” [Source]

Allison Smith a graphic designer from Boston, designed her own typography Sherlock tattoo. [Source]

“221b is for the address of Sherlock Holmes, which is 221b Baker Street. I’ve loved Sherlock Holmes and most of its adaptations for several years now. I also recently visited London and went to this address, which had been a significant part of my life. Therefore, it reminds be both of the fandom that I have always loved, and one of the best experiences of my life.” [Source]

“Alison Reed ’08 (above) holding the first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet, as presented in Beeton’s Christmas Annual, from the Ned Guymon Mystery and Detective Fiction Collection. Photo taken by Alison’s friend, Tomas, on the occasion of their visit in Summer 2010.

Alison Reed, an Oxy ECLS major, Phi Beta Kappa, and now PhD Candidate in English at the University of California at Santa Barbara, was a student staffer and Mellon Library Recruitment Intern in Special Collections. She was so taken by the bookplate Ned Guymon designed for his Mystery and Dectective Fiction Collection, that she customized it for her own tattoo. Reed’s friend and co-worker in Special Collections, Lara Spade, after seeing the tattoo, said that she plans to do the same.”  [Source]

Stephanie Egan‘s 221B Tattoo, “First Tattoo inspired by the Worlds most devious and famous Detective Sherlock Holmes and his Loyal Friend Dr. John Watson’s famous Address, 221B Baker Street.” [Source]


Littleparacosm talks about her tattoo and love for Sherlock, (she also has a killer sonic screwdriver in a gater belt tattooed on her leg here) “…It’s inspired from the Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and a direct reference from BBC’s adaptation by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. For those of you who don’t follow Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson live at 221B Baker Street.

My tattoo is a reference to the numbers the door on Baker Street in BBC’s Sherlock (2010 – present), which I am in love with. It’s been a huge part of my life and the first time I’ve felt like I’ve been part of a community. I feel like I fit in in the Sherlock fandom; the friends I’ve made there feel like family to me.
…Thanks to Pim from Skin Deep Tattoo for tattooing me. Thanks to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss for BBC’s Sherlock. Thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman for the amazing Holmes and Watson. And thanks to the Sherlock fandom for everything.” [Source]
Sherlock tattoo on Rick the drummer from Lifehouse, tattooed by Mike DeVries [Source]


  1. Hey I wish I could post a picture of my sherlock tattoo on my foot. It’s also 221 B but a lot more detailed and with the door knocker from the BBC version.


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