Etsy Crush of the Week- N3rdWool (and giveaway!)

N3rdWool first flew into my life on a Pop-Tart space cat meme made of yarn and I’ve been hypnotized by her designs ever since. I mean, have you seen her Nyan Cat Scarf? It actually plays the music. I know, crazy right?!

Valerie is the magical hands behind N3rdWool. She crochets everything from customized WoW characters to lungs to zombies and probably zombie lungs if you asked.

Find out more about N3rdWool, my favorite Etsy (nerd) shop of the week, in the interview below. And we get an answer to that question burning on everyone’s mind, what power would Kirby get if he swallowed Valerie?

 Oh, and there’s a zombie doll GIVEAWAY too, details below!

Girl Gone Geek Interview with Valerie of N3rdWool:

Girl Gone Geek: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Valerie/N3rdWool: Hi, I’m Valerie, and I’m a nerd. (Hi, Valerie.) By day I am a mild-mannered web & social media manager for a local university; by night I am a crocheting fiend. I’ve been into all sorts of geekery since the tender age of 8 (Monkey Island REPRESENT) and have been enjoying a life of obscure internet meme references and gadgetry babble ever since. My household harbors a gamer husband, a fairly spoiled dachshund, and two renegade kitties. Things I’ve done recently include: learned how to make absolutely pro cupcakes, ran my first 10K race, mastered the art of the bow-tie.

How long have you been crocheting?

I learned somewhere along the way in undergrad, but didn’t really get into the meat of what I do now until the fall of 2009 when I stumbled upon the awesomeness that is crocheting in the round. Once I mastered the basics of crafting body parts and gussying them up with various crafty bits and accessories, I just hit the ground running and haven’t stopped. I’ve made some pretty crazy pieces, and I love the challenge of churning out something unique, quirky, and possibly appealing to those who heart the internet as much as I do.

How did N3rdWool come to be?

I wish my shop had a magical back-story, but it’s pretty straightforward: I did an entire Christmas in crochet, photographing everything I made. Friends and family loved what I created, urged me to set up shop… It was simple enough to use the pictures of what I’d already made to list items. The name of the shop came to me as I was trying to describe what it is I offer. (And I couldn’t resist including the 3.)

How long on average does it take you to make an item?

I generally give my customers a time-line of 2 weeks maximum for their item, but small pieces I can usually complete in a night or two of work. Larger, more complicated pieces (like the customized WoW characters or the nyan cat scarf) can take close to the full 2 weeks to complete.

Do you have any funny crocheting stories?

Not really funny ha-ha, but funny-cute: I decided to create a replica of my husband’s WoW character (undead male warlock) as his Christmas present one year. I spent most of the month beforehand crafting bits and pieces of it right under his nose, telling him they were for other projects. He never suspected a thing, and opening his Lil’ Blasphemar on Christmas day (complete with tier 10 gear, weaponry and the signature turquoise mo-hawk) was a total surprise. #Winning.

Do you have any (other) geeky obsessions? If so what?

I’m secretly convinced I’m really a Care Bear masquerading as a human. I played World of Warcraft for a pretty significant amount of time, enough to use a phrase from raids as my license plate (I can always tell when fellow gamers spot me on the highway). I have watched the American version of The Office on Netflix Instant more times than I care to admit. Anything related to nyan cat will freaking MAKE MY DAY. I think that’s why I ended up actually making the scarf… I wanted it badly enough for myself that I just had to try it. My original geeky obsession was actually reading, which I would do for days on end as a kid and eventually translated into an English Lit focus for both of my degrees. Shout-out to the bookworms!

If Kirby swallowed you, what power would he get?

The power of unflappable optimism. (Also laser eyes.)

If you were on a deserted island what would video game, comic/book, movie, TV show would you bring? (this deserted island has electricity)

Wait, does the island have wifi? 4G? THESE ARE VITAL DETAILS. With internet connection, I’d definitely bring WoW as the game. Without, it would have to be the Sims. (pre-emptive claim here: Sims would include *all* Sims. 1, 2, 3, all expansions. Don’t like it? Doesn’t matter. It’s my island.) One book is just cruel, but since I’m being forced to pick I’ll go with House of Leaves (should keep me entertained for quite some time). TV show would be The Office (U.S.), movie would be Fight Club. Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet island right there.

Where can we find you in the web? 

You can find my N3rdWool shop on Etsy here:

And my N3rd Wool page on Facebook here:

(Also, the video of the nyan cat scarf in action is here:

I do contests and give-aways every so often on my Facebook page, so feel free to follow and join in! I also like that Facebook allows me to display photos of things I’ve crafted in the past that may not necessarily be for sale at the moment… so definitely check out the pictures and let me know if you see something you’re dying to have!


N3rdWool Zombiefied Giveaway: Win a zombie doll!



  1. I decided the following after watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. I would choose a bow or crossbow and arrows as my zombie weapon, because:
    A.) It’s quiet, thereby preventing audible detection by wandering hordes.
    B.) It’s reusable. Who’s really gonna keep manufacturing shells and gunpowder twnety years into the apocalypse?
    C.) It’s eco-friendly!
    LOVE the story about the personalized undead warlock! Horde FTW!


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