My Unrealistic Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

I know I haven’t written you in a long time but I never forgot about you. My Christmas lists went from letters to the North Pole to emails to my parents. Now I’m writing you instead of them because this list is very special. Some people say it’s unrealistic but I know if anyone can get me these things it’s you. There are a lot more things I want for Christmas of course but I’ll save some for next year. Thanks in advance!




My (Unrealistic) Christmas Wish List:

TARDIS (Doctor Who)

I want this because: It’s mandatory. And it would be extra awesome if the doctor was inside as well *wink wink* Santa!

Sonic Screwdriver (Doctor Who)

I want this because: Just in case I need to open doors, perform medical scans and things of that nature that don’t include wood.

Instant-Color Nail Polish Changer (Total Recall)

I want this because: Isn’t it obvious! I’d never need to pay for a mani or pedi ever again. Future why are you not here now?

Tachikoma (Ghost in the Shell)

I want this because: They are so doggone cute! Well they sound cute, and probably the only self-aware AI I wouldn’t be scared of.

A Makeup Box (The Fifth Element)

I want this because: This would cut out a lot of time and money in my life.

DC Mini (Paprika)

I want this because: The DC Mini can let you enter other people’s dreams. It’s probably really creepy that I want this. But I don’t care.

An Invisibility Cloak (Harry Potter)

I want this because: Who doesn’t want to be invisible sometimes?!

Hermione’s Bottomless Purse (Harry Potter)

I want this because: It will solve my over packing problem.

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device (Portal)

I want this because: I’m lazy.

Fizzy Lifting Drinks (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory )

I want this because: It looks like a bottle full of fun!

Alethiometer (The Golden Compass)

I want this because: I’m sure knowing whether people are lying or not will come in very handy.

Kaneda’s Motorcycle (Akira)

I want this because: Just look at it!

Vortex Manipulator (Torchwood/ Doctor Who)

I want this because: It was on Captain Jacks arm. And will also come in handy when the TARDIS is PMSing.

A Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro)

I want this because: It’s a bus that is also a cat.

Spider Jerusalem’s live-shades (Transmetropolitan)

I want this because: I’ll look cool.

A Lightsaber (You should know where it’s from)

I want this because: No explanation necessary.

 Death Note

I want this because: Just Kidding!

One Comment

  1. I want half of this list as well!

    Or just a Doctor or Captain Jack. I’d be happy with one of those without everything else.


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