Tattoo Tuesday- Sonic the Hedgehog

This weeks Tattoo Tuesday is dedicated yet again to my brother Myles. He loves him some Sonic!

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

 [Source: Tattoo Donkey]

Meggies Sonic Chest Tattoo [Source: Flickr]

“Sonic, Dr Robotnik, Knuckles and back round to Tails. Round my left calf. Took almost 4 hours done by the brilliant “Simi” at Headingley Tattoo Studio. My first time playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is my first memory as a child and I still love playing it now.” [Source: Fyeahtattoos]

Brian writes: “My name is Brian, and I got a tattoo at a shop called Good Fortune Tattoo in Savannah Georgia by an artist named Hime. It is a tattoo of a 3d representation of the signaling portion of a protein called Shh (this stands for Sonic hedgehog). I got the tattoo because I am a cell biology student and love the ridiculous naming of proteins done by the geneticists which discover it. I figured, for my first tattoo, it might as well be something completely unique. I love it though, great conversation starter and very few people have any idea of what the hell it is at first glance.” (Yes there is a protein called Sonic the Hedgehog, Wikipedia says so) [Source: GeekyTattoos]

Tattoo artist was Ryan Harrison [Source: beneaththefloorboards]

BustinJell tattoo [Source: DeviantArt]

Boosted-Vulpine sonic tat done by Rabbit Abby [Source: DeviantArt] (Check out all of Sonic related tattoos)

Tattoo Artist was Chris Oppenheim done at Manic Tattoos Churchville, Maryland  [Source: Offthemaptattoo]

[Source: Flickr]

[Source: Kokugamer]

[Source: 8-bit and Pixelated Tattoo Tuesday]

[Source: Tumblr]

Tattoo done by Mario Delago

“This was my first tattoo of Tails with a banner reading,”I want to fly high” the lyrics in his theme song from Sonic Adventure.” Done at Jim’s Tattoo [Source: Everytattoo]

Boosted-Vulpine Tails tat done by Rabbit Abby [Source: DeviantArt] (Check out all of Sonic related tattoos)

Tattoo by: Josh Woods at Black 13 Tattoo in Nashville, TN [Source: TattooSnob]

[Source: pspcrazy]

[Source: segatastic]

Tattooed by Unkie Timmo  [Source:]

Indilee says about her tattoo, “For my 25th birthday – I celebrated it by spending two hours in a tattoo parlor, finally getting the Shadow symbol on my inner right ankle that I always wanted. Tattoo done by Lisa Starr of Titletown Ink on me.” [Source: DeviantArt]

[Source: Chris51]

Amir’s tattoo done by Tony Touch [Source: Flickr]

[Source: UK Resistance]

Boosted-Vulpine: “Session 10, color on Knuckles. Some of the color is older but never got photos of because it didn’t heal well and needs to be touched up. The brighter stuff is the newer stuff. All tattoo work done on me is by one of my best friends Rabbit Abby. ” [Source: DeviantArt]

“This Knuckles tat is on Henrique Barudi‘s “right shoulder. He got it done to remember the good times in the 90s when he and his brother spent their vacations playing Sonic on the Sega Genesis. He got it done at Foz do Iguaçu (aka Iguassu Falls in Brazil) by Kleber.” [Source: GeekyTattoos]

Tattoo done by  [Source: PrideandGloryTattoo]

Boosted-Vulpine Metal Sonic tattoo done by Rabbit Abby [Source: DeviantArt] (Check out all of Sonic related tattoos)

Boosted-Vulpine Eggman tat done by Rabbit Abby [Source: DeviantArt] (Check out all of Sonic related tattoos)

[Source: DeviantArt]

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