Tattoo Tuesday- Ink from Outer Space!

With Fringe season 4 starting last week (yay!) and Doctor Who season 6 ending this week (wah!), I knew that I’d have to represent two of my favorite sci-fi shows with nothing less than the universe itself.

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

Heather explains why she got this tattoo, “When Voyager 2 flew by Neptune in 1989, NASA streamed the images live to several planetariums. My dad took me to see the images as they came in, and it’s one of my big childhood memories, and one of the things that really got me into astronomy and physics. So for my 30th birthday, I got a tattoo of Voyager 2 with Neptune and Triton.” Tattoo Artist Matt Dunlap of All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta, GA [Source: Tattoos in Flight]

Tattoo by  Josh Woods of Black 13 Tattoo in Nashville, TN. [Source: Tattoos in Flight]
Tattoo by Justin Leifeste [Source: Flickr]
Zachary CERN Bubble Chamber Tattoo [Source: and Flickr]

Tattoo by Kunsten på Kroppen [Source: Flickr]

[Source: Flickr]

Here’s what Ava Raven had to say about her tattoo, “The design is a rather famous crop circle found in the field of Alton Barnes in 1990. I think it’s a lovely design! And instead of just getting it all done in black, I wanted the inside to be filled with images of deep space! I wanted a spiral galaxy (bottom), a double system called Eta Carinae (center…no it’s not an explosion, it’s actually a system that looks like that!), and a quasar (top).

I have read a lot of literature about crop circles over the years…I’m rather fascinated by them. I don’t have a distinct philosophy on them. Though people do make crop circles openly as a form of art (which is cool in itself!), some people believe they are ALL hoaxes. Others believe they are made by alien crafts, others believe it’s magnetic energy currents coming from alternate dimension, and some even believe they are made by lasers from military satellites!

This is why they fascinate me so much! I love that there are mysteries in this world that can’t be explained, that are still open to interpretation….and that are so deep and complex that I can’t come to a conclusion on my beliefs about. To me crop circles represent the fact that we don’t have the whole world figured out yet. Not to mention, they are beautiful!” [Source: Deviant Art]

[Source: Deviant Art]

Tattoo by Jesse Rix at  Secret Lake Tattoo [Source: Off the Map Tattoo]

Tattoo by Rogermarx [Source: Flickr]

Tattoo by Jack at Fate Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio. [Source: Flickr]

Tattoo by Carson Hill  from Carson Hill Tattoos in Newbury Park, CA  [Source: Off the Map Tattoos]

Tattoo by Jon Clue [Source: Tattoo Now]

Tattoo by Dee Dee at Requiem Body Art  in Spring Hill, FL  [Source: Off the Map Tattoo]

Tattoo by Dee Dee at Requiem Body Art  in Spring Hill, FL  [Source: Off the Map Tattoo]

Tattoo by: Matthew Clarke at Midnight Moon Tattoo in Meredith, NH. [Source: Tattoo Snob]

By Dan Dittmer [Source: Tattoo Now]

Tattoo by Matthew Clarke [Source: Tattoo Gathering]

READER SUBMISSION! Chuck sent me this tattoo. It’s a Fraraztta-Lovecraft theme with Saturn. Here’s why Chuck got this ink, “I’m a Lovecraft freak and I have an astrological connection to the planet Saturn.  Cthulhu is usually depicted as a sea monster but he came from space so I thought it would be cool to depict that in this piece. The ”priestess” is modeled after my wife. Stacey is a very talented artist and did a great job with this subject matter.” Art by Miss Stacey Martin at Dovetail Tattoo in Austin, Tx

READER SUBMISSION! Here’s why Jeremy got this tattoo, “I have always loved science fiction literature, movies, and ideas. Science fiction pushes us to dream big and aim high. I have also always enjoyed the Vargas style of pin up art. After a couple years of looking, I found a tattoo artist that was able to pull off the combination perfectly.” Tattooed by Christel Perkins Tattooed at Electric Quill Tattoo

[Source: Gladiator Tattoo]

Tattoo by Sean Ambrose [Source: Arrows and Embers Studio]


Tattoo by Dan Henk [Source: Tattoo Gathering]

Tattoo by Miss Kitty [Source: Myspace Miss Kitty Tattoos]

Tattoo by Sean Ambrose [Source: Arrows and Embers Studio]

Tattoo by Michelle Helmer [Source: Tattoo Gathering]

Tattooed by  Deanna Wardin @ Tattoo Boogaloo Tattoo Boogaloo San Francisco, CA [Source: Flickr]

(In progress) Tattoo by Spunky Freespirit [Source: Tattoo Inspiration]

[Source: Tattoos and Art]

Tattoo by Terry Ribera @ Off the Map Tattoo [Source: Tattoo Inspiration]

Tattoo by Mat Clarke [Source:]

[Source: Ink Murals]


  1. Thanks for mentioning Tattoos in Flight and glad you were able to use some of our featured tattoos for your Tattoo Tuesday feature… great collection of outer space tattoos! Just found your site from a clickthrough to my blog and will be tuning in regularly, keep up the great work!


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