The TV Geeks Podcast- Episode 002 #whereischarliefrancis

Okay, well of course we all miss us some Peter Bishop but we really want to know where Charlie Francis is. (It’s an insider, listen to this episode to find out.) This was actually a really fun podcast to record, probably because Fringe is back, but Peter isn’t… well sort of.

In this episode we talk about Fringe episode 401 “Neither Here Nor There” and the new comic Beyond the Fringe written by Pacey, I mean Peter, I mean Joshua Jackson. Contact us at thetvgeekspodcast[at] to send in written, audio feedback or LOLcats!

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  1. Did you guys notice how in the beginning of the episode Walter was complaining about the change in the atmosphere? The temperature and humidity? Astrid pointed out that everything was the same as always, and obviously Walter was just missing Peter.

    Third-verse Walter aka Walter Sigma!


  2. I still think about ZFT too. Weren’t they supposed to save the blue verse from the red verse with soldiers brought up on cortexiphan??? I mean where were they when the world was ending last season?
    Also did you catch the leaf symbol on the scanner after BlueVerseLincoln removed his hand from the ID panel?


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