The TV Geeks Podcast Episode 001- Intro and Fringe 21 Questions

YAY! Check out The TV Geeks very first podcast! In this episode we give a little introduction to the podcast and what Terence and I will be talking about, which is basically good ass genre TV such as Fringe, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, etc. and we go over 21 questions for the upcoming season of Fringe. Contact us at thetvgeekspodcast[at] to send in written or audio feedback or LOLcats!

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All money donated will go directly to hosting, software, security, etc. for The TV Geeks Podcast. Running a blog and podcast really starts to add up so any donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated. If you donate we’ll give you a shout out on the podcast and in the post!


  1. Hello. Wanted to thank you once again for having that awesome t-shirt contest. I got my sweet Storm shirt today! It also came with a GIANT Hello Kitty/Barbie tote bag and the coolest zombie Sesame Street stickers ever.


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