How Games Saved My Life

Well not mine in particular, but there are many people out there where video games did in fact save their life in ways that will probably make you want to cry. Ashly Burch from Hey Ash Whatcha Playin (HAWP) recently started a blog ‘How Games Saved My Life‘ (HGSML), “to catalog all the awesome testimonials of life-changing experiences that games have afforded people.” My brother showed this to me (he shows me all things awesome) and said something like “this is great” and “these make me want to cry” so I checked it out, being a fan of great things that make you want to cry (which is probably why I really liked season 4 of Doctor Who… oh Donna). 

You don’t need to be a gamer to know that video games get a bad rap. Stuffy people are constantly trying to blame problems on video games, despite the massive amount of positive experiences they are responsible for. Which is why I think this blog is wonderful, despite the obvious heightened problem solving skills that researchers credit to games, How Games Ssaved My Life shows the beneficial psychological and emotional effects games have had on many people. 

Some of the testemonials range from how video games helped people cope with depression, their sexuality, divorce, death, illness, anxiety, anger issues and so much more. There’s Jason who traded heavy drug addiction for a Xbox 360 and cleaned up his life. Or Morgan McMorick a transgendered gamer, where video games assisted in helping her identity as a woman. Morgan says, “…I still wanted to be dead, I still felt like a freak. But now I had places I could be a girl in, now I had games to look forward to. Even when I couldn’t play the girl, video games were beginning to tell stories about three-dimensional women I could appreciate or look up to.” I’m happy Ash thought of this idea and people are able to showcase and submit their life-changing stories which hopefully is a small step in changing people’s negative opinion on video games. 

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