I’m all Sw’geeky Clean Again!

So like many other wordpress users my blog was recently hacked by this terrible terrible timthumbs.php. After I dyed the white Rouge-like streak that developed in my hair from my stress, and I tried my very best to fix it by diving headfirst in forums and getting to the bottom of it. So I followed all the steps I found and was pretty sure I cleaned up my precious. But not sure enough (don’t judge I never said I was a tech geek!)… 

Just in case I didn’t get all the baddies out my site I was willing to go to the extremes to not only clean up my site but hopefully not lose my beloved newb and vet readers. I was well on my way to completely deleting my blog and wordpress and uploading it all over again bit-by-bit which almost gave me an aneurism just thinking about it and how I would probably screw it up. But instead I signed up with Sucuri Security and they will keep my site geeky clean and annihilate all the baddies (this is not an ad for them, they and a friend just saved the day and my mind and deserve a shout out). Also Tony Zeoli of has been beyond helpful!

I adore my readers and fans from the bottom of my 8-bit heart and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or frightening thoughts or this may have caused anyone.

If in the very unfortunate event you get a warning from my site, please contact me asap at girlgonegeekblog[at]gmai.com thanks!


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