21 Questions for Fringe Season 4

Like my fellow Fringe fans, the season 3 finale made my brain melt. Here is my attempt to scoop up the pieces and make sense of the finale and theorize about what we may see in season 4. I don’t think any other show has made me ask as many questions as Fringe, and I think that is absolutely wonderful. I have so many questions and theories I fear I may explode if I didn’t get them out. Let’s have some Fringe fun in the comments section and explore some of these questions and I’d love to hear your own! Especially if you have any answers to these 21 questions.

    1. Where is Peter Bishop?
    2. Why did Peter have to be erased from everyone’s memories? We get he served his purpose, but was making him not exist anymore necessary? Did the observers make Peter not exist? Who has that kind of power?
    3. If Peter doesn’t exist anymore what happens to everything connected with him? Would the first rift between the two universes never have happened? 
    4. Assuming that the red and blue universe Fringe crew still has to fix their crumbling worlds sans Doomsday machine, is the first rift/crossing over to the red and blue universe a fixed moment in time, something that must always occur (like fate or destiny)?
    5. If Peter doesn’t exist anymore what happens to Fauxlivias baby?
    6. What are the observers purpose?
    7. Will Peter become an Observer?
    8. Am I the only one who is chalking up Peter’s consciousness being sent to the future AND the machine being sent back to the past one big old timey wimey thing I may never fully understand?
    9. How will the machine work without Peter? What will its purpose be now?
    10. Why does the machine exists in the red universe also?
    11. Who are the first people?  
    12. If Peter merged only Ellis Island, how does that affect both universes? Can people from the outside enter? Can they go back and forth from the red to the blue verse?
    13. Will we see a third universe in season 4?
    14. Does a third universe already exist?
    15. Just theorizing from the super short teasers trailer for season 4, perhaps Peter trapped between in some sort of limbo between blue and red verse?
    16. What ever happened to ZFT? We didn’t hear much about them in season 3. 
    17. What was up with the cylinder from season 1?  Who made it, what is its purpose?
    18. Who did John Scott work for? Will we ever find out? 
    19. What happened to that FBI agent from the beginning of season 2? I was kind of interested in her Biblical theories.
    20. In episode “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” (S4E19) where they went into Olivia’s mind, who was the man in the zeppelin, the man Olivia said she thinks will kill her?
    21. Am I the only one who felt the reveal of who Sam Weiss was underwhelming? I hope there is more to Sam Weiss than what we have learned so far. And what’s up with him telling Olivia he’s taller and older than he looks and doesn’t quite remember his childhood?

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