Congratulations Contest Winner!

The contest has finally come to an end, it was really hard to decide (but really fun to read) because there were so many great captions! CONGRATULATIONS, to the winner Aidan Daniel!!! You just won up to $100 of costumes and accessories from the awesome website (As long as you live in the US.)

A huge thanksto for sponsoring this amazing contest! 

Winning caption: Aidan Daniel, “What did I tell you about sending out distress messages?? You *know* we don’t have that in our data plan! That’s it, you’ve lost your TIE fighter privileges for a week, little missy.”

Because I am a softie the runner ups get a $15 code for!

Runner up #1Brandon Robinson, “DOES DARTH VADER HAVE TO CHOKE A B%#$H……..” (I miss Chappelle’s Show)

Runner up #2Bryan Edwards, “Bad, Leia! Spit it out! Right now!”

Runner up #3: Meg House, “Winter is coming.”

If the winner and runners-up could email me at girlgonegeekblog[at] to claim their prize. Thanks everyone for entering and stay tuned because the way things have been, I seem to have a new contest every week! 


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