CONTEST: Win $100 Worth of Geekery from

It’s CONTEST TIME again! And this one is major! Thanks to the awesome people over at one lucky winner will win $100 worth of anything they want from their website! I know! I can’t believe it either! The only thing is, this is limited to US residents only.

Buy Star Wars Costumes have anything and everything you cosplaying Star Wars heart desires. From authentic officially licensed costumes, helmets/masks, accessories and more. You will be the best looking Star Wars character galaxy at the next con, Halloween party or just a trip to the supermarket if you fancy.

Caption contest! The best caption to this picture wins!

Contest Rules for $100 worth of goodies from

  • Subscribe to my blog on the top right hand side of the page or click here
  • Like my Facebook page
  • Caption the image above
  • You can submit your caption TWO different ways (or all of them if you fancy):
  • The comments section of this post
  • Facebook: Post your caption in the comments section of the image
  • Contest for US residents only 
  • Winner will be chosen on Monday Aug 8th
  • My favorite caption will win the contest! 


  1. What did I tell you aboust sending out distress messages?? You *know* we don’t have that in our data plan! That’s it, you’ve lost your TIE fighter privileges for a week, little missy.


  2. Darth Vader: Lea I think you got something there…a stain I think…
    Lea: Huh? Where? *looks down her dress*
    Darth Vader: Ahahaha made you look!! xD
    Lea: >:[


  3. Admiral: Sir…it seems Princess Leah has…

    (Vader turns to Leia.)

    Vader: What? What have you done now? Have you been fighting with the Lucas brothers again?

    Leia: No daddy.

    Vader: Have been joy riding around the Death Star again?

    Leia: No daddy.

    Vader: Are you pregnant? Because I swear if you have….

    Leia: No daddy. If you could please listen.

    Vader: Well if you would just spit it out already. What’s the matter with you girl?

    Leia: Daddy…I’m gay………….. I’m a gay woman.

    Vader: (Long Pause. Points a Leia.) You’reeeee a what?

    Leia: I’m a gay woman now, daddy.

    Vader: ………..Areee you sure?

    Leia: Yes.

    (Awkward pause………….)

    Vader: Great! I have a new jet fighter upstairs. Come on. Let’s see if I can maneuver it.
    (Princess Leia walks out followed by Darth Vader. Lord Vader stops at the door and turns to the Admiral.)

    Vader: A gay woman in our family…what a godsend.



  4. Your attitude is unacceptable, young lady. You will stop seeing that hooligan or I will blow up his planet.


  5. “You’re on after the 501st marches by the Hasbro booth. Just remember to show your con badge at the entrance, ok? “


  6. Leia-“Don’t you point your finger at me! He who smelt it dealt it”

    Vader-“You are a liar!”

    Officer *As long as I stand here non-chalantly, they won’t realize it was me.*


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