Tattoo Tuesday- Captain America

You didn’t come here to read (if you did let’s make believe), you came here to look at Captain America tattooed into the skins of fangirls and fanboys. Who am I to delay you from doing just that?! Behold… *cue American patriotism*.


 I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at].com.

Tattoo Artist: Erica Dinco [Source: Peter Kitts Deviant Art]Tattoo artist: Marc Durrant/ Yoni Tattoo, Los Angeles, CA [Source: MarcDurrantTattoos Flickr]

Captain America Sugar Skull Tattoo, Submitted to 2 Tattoo Designs by Samuel Clatterbuck.
Tattoo Artist: Alicia Foley  [Source: F Yeah Tattoos]

“This is my Captain America tattoo done in honor of my love for the superhero and for my father. My first memory with my dad is he and i watching the live-action Captain America movie when I was 3 years old. I love Cap’s character in the Civil War Series. I fell in love with him during his battle against the government. I can’t wait for the movie in July. ”  [Source: F Yeah Tattoos]

“…I like comics, I like The Avengers, so I got Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. Simple as that. I got this done by Barry at BJ’s in sSouthampton.” [Source: F Yeah Tattoos]


[Source: Tattoos By Design]

[Source: Tattoo TV]

 Tattooed on a a strip-club manager who is into the “whole patriotic thing.” [Source:]
[Source:  Excalipoor’s Flickr]

Brian Doyles Tattoo (and check out his Marvel sleeve)[Source: thedirtybird1’s Deviant Art]

Oalvarez_inc Tattoo [Source: Oalvarez_inc Flickr

Mojogoing design and tattoo [Source: Mojogoing Flickr

Tattooed by AnnMare Grove [Source: Grove Blonde’s Deviant Art

James Woodford’s Captain America Mask and Skull [Source: Tattoo TV]

Will’s in progress Human Torch and Captain American half sleeve, color will be added later. Tattoo Artist: Karrie Whitfield [Source: Time To Take It Back’s Deviant Art

Tattoo Artist Nathan Britton:  “Super great tattoo! Love that I got to do this! Sweet tattoo rendition of Gabriele Dell’Otto’s Siege variant. Current working on a Dell’Otto Thor as well.” [Source: NateTheKnife’s Deviant Art]











And because you waited until after the credits, The Avengers Tattoo Tuesday coming Summer 2012.


Best of all this is a READER SUBMISSION! 
The Avengers Trio above is from my Twitter buddy and Girl Gone Geek reader Alycia Carhart/@MalfoyFangirl:

“Of all the comics I’ve read, Marvel has most appealed to me. I enjoy all their groups (X-Men, Fantastic 4) but The Avengers is my favorite. I got the Iron Man tattoo because he is my favorite superhero. But he was lonely so I decided to add Cap and Thor, my second and third favorites, to balance the art.”    Artist: Josh Hartley, Shop: Guru Tattoo, San Jose, CA 


  1. Wow I just stumbled upon this site with my tattoo here! Thanks Tyler, i think you’re referencing mine. And thanks girl gone geek. Hope I get to do more geek inspired tattoos soon!

    Marc Durrant

    Feel free to add me on facebook!


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