Picture of the Week- More Technicolor Geekery and Interview with Artist Technodrome

Peter Chung 'Reign the Conqueror' By Technodrome

I’ve featured the pop artist who is partial to neon hues, Technodrome, in the past and wanted to feature some of his newer pieces. I was also able to interview the Brooklyn based artist and find out more about him, his art and his inner geek.

The first thing that sticks out is Technodrome’s style. The neon bright color pallet instantly draws you as you admire his “swagged out” images covered in graffiti-like technicolor strokes. He describes his style as, “Pop art on those drugs from the movie Limitless.” If you aren’t familiar with Limitless the drugs he refers to are, “NZT-48…[which allow] humans to access 100% of the brain’s power, as opposed to the normal 20%.”

Technodrome’s Tumblr is his online gallery and you’ll notice he focuses on pop culture. Pop Culture is such a major force in his work because he feels that it shaped most of his life and other people’s as well. He told me he’s inspired by people, pop culture and nostalgia which is shown in his artwork. Some of his favorite artists include people from the past and present, pop and not such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basqiat, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Picasso and Mr. Brainwash. He likes to try to illustrate what being a kid was like and hopes those fun aspects are shown in his art.

The Technodrome from TMNT By Technodrome

The name Technodrome came from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which he watched as a kid. He said, “It was the vehicle the villains chilled in, it was pretty bad ass. I put that as my Tumblr name, just as the name and I started getting emails saying, ‘Technodrome1 your art is so dope, and who is Technodrome1?’ I though it was the dopest shit ever, I’m not gonna lie so I rolled with it.”

What drew me to his art other than the colors and style was the nice mix of geek thrown in. Technodrome said he’s a fan of everything he features in his art such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Mario Bros., Batman, Dragon Ball Z and more. He even considered getting an anime related tattoo but decided against it because, “There are just too many dope anime things that I would have to get tatted after that.” One day if he changes his mind he can find a spot on one of my Tattoo Tuesday’s. I also asked what he’d bring on a deserted island and he ironically said the TV show Lost.

If you live in the NYC area keep an eye and ear out for the next Technodrome gallery show. He’s had one so far, which, despite his initial nervousness was a huge success. He told me, “That show was very important in letting me be able to still create freely and live as I have been living.”

At the end of the day Technodrome likes making art that people can relate to and art that he really likes and “luckily the two likes meet up somewhere in the middle most of the time.”


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