30 Pieces of Harry Potter Jewelry

If there are three things I’m sure about in this world is my love for Harry Potter, jewelry and supporting indie designers and Etsy is the best place for that. I’m sure you can tell where this post is going…

Want more geeky jewelry? Check out:

Owl in Birdcage Earrings – Purple Hedwig By: BeanDoll

 Harry Potter Firebolt broom necklace By: SixAstray

Limb and Fingers Jewelry Shop- Dark Mark Harry Potter Necklace By: DiagonAlley

The Golden Snitch Pocket Watch Locket By: birdzNbeez

BIG chunky Harry Potter Horcrux Locket necklace By: 1luckysoul

 Harry Potter Scar and Glasses Deathly Hallows Pendant Necklace By: BookishCharm

 Harry Potter Necklace and Glasses Duo By: clairealamode

 It’s Real For Us Necklace By: trophies

 Harry Potter wrap charm bracelet – handmade couture braided faux leather By: PixieCharms

 Weasley Is Our King – Harry Potter – Scrabble Tile Pendant By: prettywhimsical

 Harry Potter Slytherin House Necklace By: HeadlessTessDIY

 Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Nargle charm By: CateysCorner

 Always Bottlecap Necklace By: evietees

 BEAUXBATONS ACADEMY of MAGIC – Harry Potter French Inspired Vintage Locket in antiqued brass with czech glass flower By: jetaimeboutique

Mirror of Erised By bijousavvy

Owl Post Necklace with Hogwarts Acceptance Letter – Harry Potter By: WolfbirdStudios

 Snake and Skull The Dark Mark Gothic Fantasy Necklace By: lithiascreations

 SLYTHERIN’S LOCKET – Harry Potter Inspired Vintage Locket Necklace in antiqued silver with swarovski crystal By: jetaimeboutique

 Dementor’s Kiss – necklace or brooch By: SixAstray

 Polyjuice Potion Necklace By: bijousavvy
 Harry Potter Potion Bottle – Silver Necklace – Fantasy Collection By: tinytongue

Harry Potter ‘Stupefy’ Necklace By:PrettyLittleCharmsUK

Mischief Managed Cuff Bracelet in aluminum, copper or brass -Harry Potter inspired By: spiffingjewelry

 Platform 9 and 3/4 – Harry Potter By: SixAstray

 Muggle born Hand Stamped Metal Cuff Bracelet By: MaxingtonBear

 Harry Potter Spiral Necklace – Until the Very End – Aluminum Pendant, made to order By: foxwise

Solid Sterling Silver 925 Harry Potter Ring ALL SIZE By: blackmore5253

 Harry Potter Necklace – I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good – Bright Aluminum Bar Pendant By: foxwise

 Deathly Hallows Harry Potter SUPER 4 piece Jewelry Collection By: everlastingdoodle

 Harry Potter S.P.E.W. pin By: DaenaOrtego


  1. Girl gone geek, these are some great pieces! I enjoy stopping here every so often to get my geek on! You better work!



  2. WHERE can i get these?! If it’s possible?>_>
    I got a ring today, myself, which is a silversnake with fake diamonds, all the way down, and its about 5 cm long!:D
    I totally adore all kinds of Harry Potter jewelry!!:D<3


  3. I absolutely love this an love that I found your blog. I have put it on my blogroll and will continue to return!

    Live long and prosper


  4. Wow O.o I swear I wanna but everything :)
    Anyway I love that Hogwarts ring but what’s the price? And how can I buy it?


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