Congratulations Mario Kart League Shirt Winners!

First off a big thanks once again goes to Threadless for sponsoring yet another wonderful giveaway. First Doctor Who now Mario Kart? Two of my favorite things! (however I do have a lot of favorite things) Check out my interview with illustrator and designer responsible for the National Mario Kart League (NMKL) design Rodrgio Ferreira.

Congratulations Nicole Kline and Joker

I’ve read all of the entries from my blog, to Facebook to Twitter and it was a tough decision but these are my two favorite responses! Winners please email me your address and shirt size to girlgonegeekblog[at]

Joker/@JokermanUno response: “The Three Mushroom item so I can get the fire underneath my ass….I mean exhaust pipe. So I can get the fire THROUGH my exhaust pipe….never mind.” Check out his website Real Otaku Gamer!

Nicole Kline‘s response: “I would love to have Boo when I’m in a restaurant or waiting at a place like Starbucks, so he could go steal me something good while I’m standing and waiting for my drink/food to be finished!!
” Check out Warp Zone

Reading everyone’s responses put me in a mood for Mario Kart N64! Who wants to play battle mode for hours?! I pinkie promise I won’t kill you if I become a Bob-omb (I know I can keep this promise because I’ll always win and never become a Bob-omb).
Thanks everyone for entering, I plan on having A LOT more giveaways so stay posted on the site for updates!

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