Tattoo Tuesday- Green Lantern

Despite your (I assume) ill feelings about the Green Lantern movie, I hope you can still enjoy this permanent body art dedicated to the Green Lantern. At least these Green Lantern tattoos won’t take your money and make you sit in a theater for 114 minutes forcing you to watch an ironically unimaginative movie with CGI overload that takes itself too seriously. (By the way I haven’t seen the movie, I’m just guessing that’s how it was based on the trailers and my twitter timeline.)

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at].com.

“start to a large super hero leg piece done on comic book artist russ jackson based offa alex ross art”
Tattoo by Cecil Porter in Murrieta, CA [Source: Death to False Tattoos and Cecil Porter’s Deviant Art]

“…tattoo of Alex Ross’ version of Hal Jordan that TheDarkKnight has as the start of his “Heroes of DC” leg. Mark Sawyer from Pushin Ink Tattoo in Cincinnati, OH is the artist behind this tattooed version of Green Lantern.” [Source:]

Jeff‘s Green Lantern tattoo. By Riff Raff at Toppers #2 [Source: Geeky Tattoos]
Stephane Chaudesaigues []

Daniel V’s tattoo,”…based on the artwork of the incomparable Jim Lee.” [Source: Good in Blue Deviant Art]


Tattooed by Lou Jacque [Source:]

[Source: Abnormal Alex Deviant Art]

Spike’s Green Lantern tattoo by Craig Sheets [Source:]

Greenlant78 sleeve [Source: The Green Lantern Corps Forum]

Rex Dougles, “This was my Christmas present to myself. I have loved the Green Lantern since I was a little kid and I always wanted a superhero tattoo so I finaly worked up the nerve to trust an artist enough to ink me with one so i got one of my favortie comic book charectors tattoo’d on my body. I think my artist did an awesome job.” [Source: Trexlee001 Flickr]

Jonathan’s Green Lantern tattoo [Source: Annie Isn’t Okay Deviant Art]

Josh Lingel’s tattoo [Source:]


[Source: Goldenwit305 Deviant Art]

“Cedric, aka Prayer Police, is the one with the Green Lantern logo ring you see above. He says it was the most logical place he could think of getting it done. You have to agree with that.

Tattoo done by Adam at Tatu Tattoo in Chicago.” [Source: Geeky Tattoos]

[Source: The Green Lantern Corps Forum]

“Alan sent another tattoo pic of these Green Lantern circles. “It’s incomplete,” he says. “Green is willpower, red is anger, black is death and yellow is fear.”” (Alan also has a Dalek tattoo on his leg, check out Tattoo Tuesday- Doctor Who) [Source: USA Today]

[Source: HollyxGraystone Deviant Art]

[Source: mGLFBdhcfNMWOnUK7TyA Devaint Art]

 Blizzy‘s Blue Lantern Corp tattoo. Blizzy explains:

I got this tattoo done because ever since I started paying attention to the various Lantern Corps outside the Green Lantern, I was drawn towards the Blue Lanterns. This is probably because my boyfriend thought I was closely related to their guiding emotion: Hope. I hope for a lot, and I hope for things to go well. I get scared a lot and I just wanted my first tattoo to be something inspirational, that I can look at in the mirror and feel a little more confident for tomorrow.

Tattoo done at the Blu Gorilla in Charleston, SC. [Source: Geeky Tattoos]

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