CONTEST: National Mario Kart League Shirt

I’m having another contest to reward you all for being insanely amazing and to thank you for your constant support. This time I’m giving away TWO NMKL (National Mario Kart League) shirts designed by Rodrigo Ferreira and available on Threadless. A HUGE thanks to Threadless once again, the same site that sponsored the popular Doctor Hoo shirt giveaway! Check out my interview with illustrator and designer responsible for the NMLK, Rodrgio Ferreira.

The TWO WINNERS will be chosen next Monday July 4th


  • Subscribe to my blog on the right hand side of the page and Like my Facebook page
  • Answer the following question:
    • If you could use one item from Mario Kart in real life what would it be and how would you use it? 
      • Example: I would use the invincibility star to * insert something witty here*…
  • You can submit your answer THREE different ways (or all of them if you fancy):
    • The comments section of this post
    • Twitter: Tweet your response use the hashtag #NMKL and make sure you @ reply me @girl_gone_geek
      • You can separate your answer in parts if 140 isn’t enough, just make sure you @ reply me and use the hashtage #NMKL in both
    • Facebook: Post your response to the question in the comments section of the NMKL picture
  • My favorite two answers will win the NMKL shirt!



  1. That shirt is fly!

    I’d have to say the triple Red Koopa shells for when I’m travelling through Manhattan and need to clear the sidewalks lol


  2. I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, so I would totally want to have the invincibility so that I could just blast my way through people during rush hour. It would make commutes so much better….


  3. I don’t need an item, I just want the Kart! That would make going *anywhere* not only hellishly cool, but fun to boot!


  4. The Three Mushroom item so I can get the fire underneath my ass….I mean exhaust pipe. So I can get the fire THROUGH my exhaust pipe….never mind.


  5. I would love to have Boo when I’m in a restaurant or waiting at a place like Starbucks, so he could go steal me something good while I’m standing and waiting for my drink/food to be finished!!


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