Sunday Funnies- Tolkien Goes Hipster


The Broship of the Rings is exactly what it sounds like, a funny hipster take on our beloved The Lord of the Rings made by Noelle Stevenson . The Broship is actually an art series she posts on her Tumblr Ginger Haze. Below are a few (okay almost all) of The Broship entries from Noelle and her captions for them. 

“Arwen works at the Rivendell Fair-Trade Coffee Shop because of course she does.”

picturesinhismind asked:I’m personally looking forward to the Broship Nazgul.

“Legolas and Gimli have a Roman Holiday moment on a loaner moped. Gimli hates mopeds.”

“You just know Broromir uses that line all the time. Faramir is a sensitive soul who’d rather take artsy photos than party.”

“Saruman consulting his Palantir. He is pretty hip for an old dude! I bet he’s Sauron’s number one follower.”

why-do-the-fools-fly suggested a pale gamer geek Grima Wormtongue. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance with Éowyn, but it’s okay because he’s kind of a douche.”
“Also he’s one of the only Broship characters to have feet, but I mean how could I resist the socks-and-Teevas combo?”

“I was never quite sure who won that drinking game. Legolas seemed to think that he did, but by the looks of it Gimli had drunk a lot more.”

“Lots of people wanted to see Eowyn! Of course the Rohirrim are a biker gang.”

“Oh man those hipster hobbits. (hippets?)”

“Yeah so speaking of Eomer”

[Source: I first saw this on The Mary Sue (where I seem to see everything awesome) and Tumblr Ginger Haze]


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