Mashup Mania: What if the Doctor Attended Hogwarts?

I can already hear fanfic being created! Until the day that Steven Moffat and J.K. Rowling put their brilliant minds together and combine the Whoniverse and Hogwarts (which will most likely never happen but a girl can dream right?!), we have this collection of Doctor Who/ Harry Potter mashup art.

These came from Draw2d2 which I’ve blogged about before in Children’s Books Gone Geek. Draw2d2 is,

“Draw2D2 is core group of artists who draw geeky things, simple as that. Everyone in the group submits one idea and through some complicated mathematical equations and lots of sweat, those ideas are paired up to create the mash-ups!

Our artists have 2 weeks to do the illustrations. Postings occur every other Wed and the deadline is marked by the looming countdown above! Then a poll is put up for you to vote your favorite. The Artist who wins the poll gets a spotlight post showing the process of their illustration, and then we do it all over again.[Draw2D2]”

By Alex Ryan

By Alex Ryan

By Justin LaRocca Hansen

By Ian Brauner (this also reminds me of a Roald Dahl cover)

By Jason Welborn

By Andres Rivera

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