Picture of the Week- ‘Ten and Wheatley’ and Interview with the Artist Rose Fox

Ten and Wheatley

Two of my favorite things at the moment (and in life) are Doctor Who and the video game Portal 2. Well geeks, dreams do come true! Tennant and Wheatley are the perfect mashup and it isn’t just because of their accents. Looking at this piece makes my imagination run wild, I can really see a DW episode taking place in Aperture Science. What a splendid episode that would be! Definitely a two-parter and then… oh there goes my imagination again, let me reign it back in.

The brilliant Rose Fox (yes I already asked her if her last name was really Tyler, she “claims” it isn’t) created ‘Ten and Wheatley’ and she makes a lot of other fan art from Supernatural, Good Omens and more which is featured in the gallery below. Check out the interview I had with her and read about where she got the idea for this weeks Picture of the Week, her favorite Doctor, artist and other geeky goodies. Also, Rose answers the most important question: cake or lemons? 

Interview with the Artist Rose Fox 

Age: 17

Hometown/location: Atlanta, Georgia

When did you first start creating art? 

I started drawing regularly about seven years ago. I’ve been putting in many hours a day ever since then!

What made you want to take your artistic skills to the next level? 

Up until about a year ago I was never really focused on improving. Then, I decided that if I’m going to do something I should do it right! After that, it was easy to transition between drawing carelessly and paying attention. I’m not sure what sparked that realization… probably exposure to so many great artists online. My art is still a work-in-progress, and that’s very exciting.

What are your inspirations? 

The first inspiration for a lot of my art obviously comes from individual media like TV shows or video games, but after that I get a lot of inspiration from the world around me. The smallest details in real life can spark entire worlds in your mind. Other artists are also a huge influence, and the internet has been a lovely resource for ideas and motivation.

What inspired you to mashup Doctor Who and Portal 2 in, ‘Ten and Wheatley’? 

At the end of Portal 2 (Spoilers!), I was half expecting to hear the tell-tale “vwrooop vwrooop” sound after the credits. That got me thinking about all the fun possibilities of having Wheatley as a companion, which led to the picture!

Which is your favorite Doctor and Doctor Who episode and why? 

Ahh, Classic Who or New Who? Classic Who would have to be the Third Doctor. He was dapper, intelligent, but could kick butt when needed. New Who is very difficult to choose from. All the actors who’ve played the role have done an incredible job. When push comes to shove, though, I’ll have to go with the Ninth doctor. He was a lot darker and damaged than other incarnations but really focused on helping his companions instead of taking the spotlight for himself. Also, bananas. And my favorite episode is probably The Doctor’s Wife.

Cake or lemons? (Portal 2 reference) 

Haha, I’ll take a GLaTATO over either any day.

Favorite artists (fine art, pop art, comic book, etc.)? 

Hm, my favorite fine artist is definitely William Blake. In a more modern sense, I get a lot of enjoyment from Mike Krahulik (Penny Arcade) and Stephen Silver.

Do you have any other geeky obsessions? If so what? 

Books! I love to read more than almost anything. I’ve recently re-discovered Good Omens and, now that I’m old enough to understand the wit, have become quite intensely devoted to it. I’ve also been mildly obsessed with the Sherlock Holmes novels since I was a little kid.

If you were on a deserted island what would video game, comic/book, movie, tv show would you bring? 

Video Game: Team Fortress 2, Comic/Book: Crime and Punishment, Movie: Boondock Saints, TV Show: Doctor Who. Though, it would be hard to decide between Boondock Saints and The Evil Dead for the movie.

Where can we find you on the web? 

You can find most of my art posted to my DeviantART account: www.radiohamlet.deviantart.com. I also have a personal blog at www.radiohamlet.tumblr.com. I post sketches and WIPs on my personal blog that don’t appear anywhere else on the internet, but it’s mostly just a place for me to share different fandoms I enjoy. :)


  1. A Tennant/ Wheatly teamup would be wonderful. Since Wheatly is drifting through space and likely to smack into the Moon the (Tennant) Doctor would be the best one to find him. (by the way, my favourite Doctors are Hartnell and Troughton: it shows my age but the scripts were more about the characters and relationships: nowdays it’s all about Moffat rewriting and ruining my favourite monsters).


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