Picture of the Week- X-Muppets and Interview with the Artist Rahzzah


Everyone loves a mashup! Not one, but two of your favorite things in one brilliant package. The doubly amazing X-Muppets made by the talented Rahzzah is no different. I was buzzing with nostalgia at seeing Jim Henson’s muppets all X-Men’ed out. Rahzzah couldn’t have picked better muppets to represent these mutants, with Animal as Wolverine and Beaker as Cyclops it’s as if they were meant for this mashup!

Check out Rahzzah’s Deviant Art for more of his art work and interview and gallery below.

Interview with the artist Rahzzah:

When did you first start creating art?

I always remember drawing but I never made the connection of maybe being able to do it as a career until I saw Marc Silvestri’s X-Men #227

What made you want to take your artistic skills to the next level?

A deep deep well of artistic self-loathing….oh and I got a Wacom tablet.

What inspires you to create art?

Other artists…cinema…production designers..fashion..pretty girls…pretty boys…

How did you come up with the idea to combine Jim Henson’s Muppets and X-men? 

I got home from work ready to just pass out and saw that it was the 21st Anniversary of Jim Henson’s death…instead of going to sleep I just started looking thru Muppet YouTube clips…I was watching my favourite clip (Animal,Swedish Chef, and Beaker singing “oh Danny Boy”) when it just made perfect sense to me that Beaker would look awesome as Frank Quietly’s Cyclops…and from there it was an obvious connection to do Animal as Wolverine…so I got out of bed and drew that instead of sleeping (which happens a lot)…I never thought it would connect with so many people like it did…but it’s really touching that it has.

Why did you chose those muppets for those mutants in particular? 

The thing that was awesome about Beaker being Cyclops is, if you take away his shakiness and those big panicky eyes, he suddenly looks really stoic and serious..which I thought was funny…and combine that with the idea of him shouting out fighting formations and stuff in that “me me me me me me mee” voice…and well, come on…you’d have to be made of stone not to giggle at that…..and after Beaker was cast, Animal was just a no-brainer…(I had planned to also add Pepe as Gambit but sleep overtook me….)

What is your favorite mutant and favorite muppet and why?

Wolverine…probably because I connect him so much with me really getting into comics and wanting to draw them…and when done right, he’s one of the most complex and bad-ass characters ever…as far as Muppets?…I’ve always been partial to Grover…and Beaker, Animal,Swedish Chef, and Pepe make me laugh like no others..

What are your favorite: video game(s), video game character(s), and console?

My favourite games are the worst ones for me getting any work done, or having a social life…I love those really rich,involved,open-world rpgs like Final Fantasy..and games where you can just fuck-off for hours doing little side quests and exploring like all the Rockstar games and Assassin’s Creed….I will probably drop off the grid completely for at least a week when Batman Arkham City comes out…though my all-time favourite game was Mario Kart for Super Nintendo.

As far as characters, probably John Marsten from Red Dead Redemption.

I’m not a big enough gamer (because, again,I know I’m weak….and I can’t let myself go down that no-productivity-rabbit-hole) to really have a console preference..I have an Xbox 360 which hasn’t died on me yet…I feel like I should have gone with the PS3 though for the Blu-Ray ability and Uncharted.

What are some of your favorite artists (fine art, pop art, comic book, etc.)? 

If I started this list I would go on and on and on and still forget very important and influential creators…we live in a great time to be able to come across artists from all over the world thru the internet and all of them end up having some kind of impact on me…….that sounds like such a douchy stock answer but it’s really true….so many amazing creators out there..there’s no shortage of inspiration.

Do you have any geeky obsessions? If so what?

I figure most of my joys are geeky..I’m really into movies, and music, and comics, and cartoons…but really, I don’t find being into “nerd culture” stuff any less geeky than somebody who’s really into football or is part of a fantasy baseball league…(strange that society at large doesn’t equate sports fanaticism with being at all geeky)…..I think anybody who really cares about anything is a geek…and that’s a beautiful thing to be.

Where can we find you in the web (websites, online store, facebook, twitter, etc.)?

I illustrate a comic book called “Moon Girl” …it’s about crime-fighting girls and crime-making girls battling it out in the fabulous 1950’s…it’s put out thru Red 5 (they put out the awesome Atomic Robo) issue #2 just came out in comic shops and you can also get it digitally thru Comixology  www.MoonGirlFightsCrime.com [and my Deviant Art]


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  1. Nice interview, and awesome pic. Henson should jump on this for real. Although the most obvious question wasn’t asked, but maybe it was too obvious…how did he create the pic in the first place?


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