My 1 Year Blogiversary & Geek Soap Contest!

Girl Gone Geek blog water bottle my friends got me!

Happy Blogiversary to me! 

Girl Gone Geek Blog turns 1-year-old today! Which is about 13 in blog years. I can’t believe it’s already been a year… Actually that’s a lie, it totally felt like a year. I started this blog with no intentions other than to blab about all of the brilliant things I am unashamedly obsessed about, they just so happen to dwell in the geek realm. The fact that it continues to grow and the positive feedback you all give me is something I never anticipated, but it thrills me to bits!

The blog is like an extension of myself, albeit the geekiest parts. One of the aspects of my blog that I hope that comes through is how I try to create a sense of connection with my readers and fans. I think my favorite part is geeking out with you all every day whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or email. The past two years I was going to graduate school full-time (I just graduated with my Master’s), interned at NYLON Magazine, working part-time and all the while trying to squeeze in something that resembles a social life. But blogging never felt like a chore it was something I loved to do and an escape from all the chaos. Well I guess that’s more than enough mushy bloggy talk for one post.

Now to move along to what you all are really here for, free stuff! To thank you all for being so awesome I’m having a giveaway contest with the talented Lesley Karpiuk of Geek Soap and The Pink Toque.

Lesley makes these insanely cool soaps which are not only geeked out but are “individually handmade from all natural and vegan friendly ingredients.” What’s not to love?! She’s made such exclusives like “Game Cartridge soap, D20 Soap on a Rope, and almost all of the soap themes [she’s] used such as [Doctor Who] and Cthulhu.” These soaps didn’t exist before her, and we are forever grateful. She also knits Cthulhu themed goodies as well which you can find on The Pink Toque.

Thanks to Lesley, Girl Gone Geek is having not one but three winners! The soaps being given away are the “Clean of Kong” which are the barrels from the Donkey Kong video game, the NES “8-Bit Game Cartridge” and the “Soapstone” aka Hearthstone from World of Warcraft.


  • The 3 winners will be chosen on Friday, June 3rd,  I will pick the three winners that have the best answers to the question below
  • Answer the Contest Question below in the comments section of this post
    • Question: How would you use one of the geek soaps if you won?
    • Example: I would use the Donkey Kong soap to… *insert something witty here*.
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  • *Please include your Twitter name and your name as it appears on Facebook (if you don’t want the public to see this, email it to me at girlgonegeekblog-at-gmail-dot-com)
  • *If I do no hear back from a winner by June 6th I will choose another winner


  1. I would use the Hearthstone soap to unwittingly send myself back to Org mid-shower. Hilarity would ensue… including a flash-mob of whispers asking if I want some intimate RP action on the second floor of the Inn.

    (Will email you contact info. Thanks for holding this contest! Very awesome stuff, and a very awesome blog!)


  2. Firstly: Omg congrats on 1 year!!! Thanks for giving me so much to geek out over! Now for my very corny answer:

    I’m spending the summer in Miami and it is hot and humid here! Which means any time I go outside (yes, geeks need sunshine too) I have to immediately take a shower when I come back inside. So I would use the hearthstone soap to relax and finally feel like I’m at home.


  3. Happy Anniversary! :D. I really enjoy the positive vibe and energy you put into all of your posts. This blog is great. If I won the DK barrels, I would use them as a mean for self defense against guys in red shirts. Finally, after a long day of climbing ladders and rafters, I would retreat to my cave, and use my barrels to lather the stress away.


  4. Congrats on a year! :D

    Also! I’d used that wonderful NES shaped soap to cram into my old NES hoping that maybe it’ll get that one pesky piece of dust that is way in the back that blowing just doesn’t get clean! Maybe then it’ll work with a simple press of the power button! Rather than the use of my legos jammed to keep the game down while the lid is open. If that fails! Then I’ll use it to wash all the sweat away in wonderful shower after fighting the NES for hours!! I only want to play mario!!! Or Battletoads… that too!


  5. I’d tell you exactly what i’d be doing with the soap, but as you know… What happens on Raxacoricofallapatorius STAYS on Raxacoricofallapatorius.

    (I’ll email you the info, and btw, CONGRATULATIONS ON A YEAR!! ALLONS-Y!!)


  6. Yay!! 1 Year!!

    I would use the Soapstone (Hearthstone) to pretend like I am in the World of Warcraft realm!!!


  7. I would use the 8-bit game cartridge soap to impress my son and my brother Jonathan.

    My brother Jeremy would also be impressed no doubt. However not as much as my brother Jonathan. Jonathan would think it was REALLY cool. I’d also show all Jonathan’s friends that come over from time-to-time because they would also appreciate it’s coolness.

    I wouldn’t ever use it as actual soap and it would probably live by the TV somewhere.


  8. bon anniversaire girlgonegeek blog! you’ve been such a source of solace in my recent, lonesome dr. who obsession (husband’s getting suspicious). i can never think of anything clever to say, in the present or on reflection. usually i just keep saying words & hope some stick. so: if i won the nes cartridge soap, i’d take oodles of pictures (posing it next to various incarnations of the nintendo game system, the link master sword i got for xmas one year, the peach & toad ornament i got another xmas, a pic i have from the 80s of my brother & i playing mario bros in our catholic school uniforms, my kitty gretel, etc), all of them very exciting and artsy, somehow, of course. i would also probably throw it a party (mariokart, karaoke). then i would present it to my ginger brother, whose nostalgia and ratpacking somehow exceeds mine. his wife’s one of my very bests so i think she’d forgive me for adding more to their warehouse o stuff. maybe, someday, it’d even make it into someone’s tubby time. and that’s what i’d do. & i thank you again and again and again for the blog :)


  9. Congrats on your Blogiversary!!!!

    I would enter the contest but I’d just keep the soap wrapped up and on a shelf instead of using it.


    1. That’s what I did with my Fight Club soap I received with my DVD purchase back in the day. :)


      1. I would have loved Fight Club soap! Sadly, I never got to watch the movie until it was already out for a year or two.

  10. I would take the Donkey Kong soap, turn on my Donkey Kong game (yes, I still have it) and go “In your face! I told you I would wipe my (you know what) with you!” Then I would place it on my living room table for all to see.


  11. I would use the 8 bit cartridge soap as decoration in my bathroom to show off how cool/geeky I am! Congrats on the year anniversary! Thanks for the contest!


  12. What would I do with the soap?

    If I were to get the video game cartridge I would take it with me to PAX East when it comes back around and get it signed by the team behind Guild Wars 2. (They throw the best open bar/beta parties btw)

    The Barrels have a smell of coconut them and would be strategically placed with my nintendo game systems to add some street cred of course.

    The Hearthstone would cause me to shower and sob as it reminds me of the years I had spent on WoW. Shortly thereafter I will resubscribe in shame… due to soap.

    and thats what I would do with the soap.

    congrats on one year!
    -Mark Zegarra


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