Tattoo Tuesday- Pokémon

I grew up watching the original Pokémon series. I’d be glued to the TV singing along with gusto, “I’m going to be the very best, like no one ever was!”. And dramatically reciting the Team Rocket motto along with Jessie, James and of course Meowth.

Well our dear little television show about cute (and not so cute) pocket monsters has grown to epic proportions. Pokémon is the second most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, behind only Super Mario Bros. series.

With that in mind, it should come to no surprise the massive amounts of Poké-ink etched into the skins of die-hard fans. I found a ton of Pokémon tattoos this week and narrowed them down to my favorites (yes I have a lot of favorites). I found a great Pokémon sleeve I wanted to include but EleventhDimension on Deviant Art specifically wrote that she didn’t want her images taken or used so I have to respect that. However, here are links so you can still check it out (here here here and here) and I keep my good conscience.

I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]

Evie’s beautiful bublasaur tattoo made by the talented Elize Nazelie [Source:]

Danielle McMillen Jigglypuff. She said this about her tattoo, “Kinda appropriate since our anniversary is tomorrow (11 years!)and the first this Ed ever gave me was a lil plush jigglypuff keychain because i reminded him of her(big blue eyes:)” [Source: Danielleoram Flickr]

[Source: Dorky]

Umbreon tattoo  [Source: Deviant Art]

Yume’s Mew Tattoo [Source: Geeks Are Sexy]

Tina’s Tat’s by Dave at Atom Bomb Tattoo, check out the rest of her video game tats on

[Source: Tumblr]

Meowth [Source: Tumblr]

8-bit Ash and Pikachu [Source: Tumblr]

Mudkip [Source:]

“This fun little jigglypuff piece was tattooed by Nick Oaks who works out of Slick Styled Steel in Montreal, Canada.  You can check out more of his work by visiting the shop website [Source: Modern Tattoo]

[Source: Buzzfeed]

AccessFlux‘s Snorlax  Tattoo [Source: Deviant Art]

Pokeball [Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: Simply Tattoo]

Pika Pika! [Source: Tumblr]

“My friend Laura and I got almost matching Pikachu tattoos! They’re the same size although it doesn’t look it in the pictures. Mine is the bottom, hers the top. Laura: Me: [Source: Tumblr]

Bexxy Chan’s Bellossom tattoo: “Believe it or not, it actually has meaning! Pokemon is what made me start drawing in the first place, so.. representing that, a Bellossom- to go with my already done sleeve of flowers!” [Source: Deviant Art]

CheshireCatSmile37“It’s Raichu from Pokemon! (Old school…the good Pokemon) Raichu was designed by the lovely Aero-Claw. Thank you so much for letting me slap your design on my chest! Though the tattoo artist forgot the blush mark…and the swirl didn’t really end up well…But I loves it! It stung a bit, but nothing too bad….I was surprised! Raichu design (c) ~Aero-Claw/ Original sketch [link]” [Source: Deviant Art]

Emoshaman/Garth’s Darkrai Tattoo, “I’m so obsessed with Darkrai that I got a tattoo of him and his awesomeness. Yeah, it hurt cuz it was on the shin, but it was worth it cuz it’s Darkrai.” [Source: Deviant Art]

Claire Andrew’s Meowth, Bublasaur, Togepi, Pikachu and Mew Tattoos [Source: Deviant Art]

“Why yes, I did get a tattoo of a pokemon on my leg. Why?

Why the hell not? This is my third tattoo, but I took the design (With permission) From the amazing vulpix3337  Thanks so much for letting me use this design!

I’ve loved Pokemon ever since it came out, and have played most of the games (I just beat Platinum for the 3rd time. And yes, a Raichu was in my team :3 )

This is my third tattoo, and they are addicting. The other two are for my family, so i decided to get a tattoo for myself, and why not show the world how geeky i was?

Raichu is one of my favorite pokemon, plus he is a rodent of which I also adore. 

It’s still a little red in the picture because this is when i first got it done about a week or so ago. But i couldn’t wait until it was fully healed to put it up, so you get this one :3

So yes. If you don’t like it, i really don’t care because I do, and its my body and I’ll do what i want, hahaha.

“My body is like a temple, but who can live in the same place for so long without redecorating?” Raichu belongs to nintendo.

this particular design belongs to vulpix3337”  [Source: Deviant Art]

Nicxxx‘s Pokemon sleeve “…The last session lasted about 5 hours and involved just colouring, plus adding Prof. Oak into it, so there is still a lot of work to be done. Next session will do some touch-ups on the colour, add the white in and hopefully we’ll fully outline the rest of the arm.” [Source: BublaGardenForum]

Tribal Charizard Tattoo

YES, it’s REAL.

The design is by the amazingly talented ~Canyx
Link to the design: [link]

My tattoo artist was the awesome Garrett Adderley who works at Skinwerks in Carrollton, Georgia.

I’m sure this will appear on a lot of bad tattoo communities and websites just because it’s Pokemon related. But even if you don’t like the concept, you can’t argue that Canyx and Garrett did an AMAZING job.

I’d like to apologize for this bad photo. It’s not at a good angle, so the flames at the front looksmooshed. Right now I’m battling a brutal sinus infection, and the this was the only photo I could stand taking of myself. I’ll take more when I’m better, and hopefully a friend will assist me with that. The Pokeball was thrown in for the hell of it.

I saw this tattoo back in 2007 a few days after Canyx posted it, and immediately fell in love with it. I saved it to a list of tattoos I plan on getting (I’ve been working on the list for about five years, but it’s surprisingly small). I finally got out of my financial rut and was able to get it about two months after getting permission from Canyx. She was nice enough to allow me use another one of her designs, but I won’t be getting that for a while (Charizard needs to heal up, and I’m obviously low on cash now).

There are sentimental reasons why I got this tattoo…” [Source: Deviant Art]

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