Children’s Books Gone Geek

Nostalgia and Geekery always makes my heart smile, and these children’s books with a geeky twist are no different.

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This Dr. Seuss x Pokemon combo idea came from Draw2D2 a blog with one of my favorite concepts I’ve heard in a while:

“Draw2D2 is core group of artists who draw geeky things, simple as that. Everyone in the group submits one idea and through some complicated mathematical equations and lots of sweat, those ideas are paired up to create the mash-ups!

Our artists have 2 weeks to do the illustrations. Postings occur every other Wed and the deadline is marked by the looming countdown above! Then a poll is put up for you to vote your favorite. The Artist who wins the poll gets a spotlight post showing the process of their illustration, and then we do it all over again.[Draw2D2]”

Check out all of the Pokemon/Seuss submissions here. Check back on Draw2D2 in a week for their next mashup Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jason Welborn (originally found on The Mary Sue)

Alex Ryan:

James Hance created this adorable Where the Wild Things Are x Star Wars combo as well as a few of my favorites I’ve included. All of the money for his art goes to raising money for his daughters medical bills, she has a rare intestinal disorder. He has tons of great stuff I recommend you check out and if you see something you like and buy it, you know it’s going for a good cause. Or if you want to donate a couple of dollars to help out a child in need that’s always welcomed.

Cartoonist  Dan Hipp’s mashed up Tin Tin with some of our favorite pop culture movies Star Wars, Alien and Tron. Check out Dan’s blog for more great artwork. [Source: Neatorama]

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