39 of The Most Adorable Crocheted and Amigurumi Nintendo Characters

I’m completely obsessed with Etsy, and since Girl Gone Geek is a love letter to my obsessions I figured it was a fine time to feature some ridiculously adorable Amigurumi geekery from Etsy. Not only did I want to do this because I think these dolls are super cute, but I think it’s great to support actual people and fellow geeks (and not just big companies) who spend hours making these gamer goodies.

Since there is a massive amount of knitted geekery out there I have to narrow it down to separate categories. This post is dedicated to the cutest crocheted Nintendo video game characters I discovered on Etsy. I think since I’ve now summed up the video game realm i’ll delve into Sci-Fi.


Samus Aran by deadcraft

Samus Aran by deadcraft

Amigurumi Baby Metroid by FuzzyViper

Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi by menwy74

Tanooki Mario Crochet Pattern by michellerheaume

Waluigi by janama

Toad by Justicevk

Koopa Troopa inspired doll – PDF amigurumi crochet pattern by picuu

PDF Amigurumi Pattern – inspired in Wolley in the propeller suit from Super Mario Bross Wii by picuu

Shy Guys Amigurumi by foma

Piranha Plant Pattern by michellerheaume

Goomba Amigurumi by foma

Bob-Omb by NerdJerk

Shy Boo by NerdJerk

Invincibility Star by NerdJerk

1up Mushroom by GeekChicurumi

Yoshi Egg by perfectfitcrochet

The Legend of Zelda

Princess Zelda by deadcraft

Link by deadcraft

Link the Zelda Warrior Amigurumi by foma


Celebi by angiehcrochet

Chimchar by angiehcrochet

Combee by angiehcrochet

Squirtle by angiehcrochet

Roselia by KerryRoulston

Dugtrio by KerryRoulston

Chansey Amigurumi Pattern by NimbusCloud

Corsola Amigurumi by NimbusCloud

Bonsly Amigurumi by NimbusCloud

Pokeball Pattern Amigurumi PDF Crochet by FullCircleHandmade


Om Nom Nom Kirby by NerdJerk

Kirby Yoshi Amigurumi (the hat comes off) by foma

Kirby Mario Amigurumi (the hat comes off) by foma

Meta Knight by DD #2

Whispy Woods by DD #2

Professor Layton Series

Professor Layton by AmazeingHats

Luke by AmazeingHats


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