The Most Adorable Crocheted Video Game Characters

I’m completely obsessed with Etsy, and since Girl Gone Geek is a love letter to my obsessions I figured it was a fine time to feature some ridiculously adorable crocheted geekery from Etsy. Not only did I want to do this because I think these dolls are super cute, but I think it’s great to support actual people and fellow geeks (and not just big companies) who spend hours making these gamer goodies.

Since there is a massive amount of knitted geekery out there I have to narrow it down to separate categories. This post is dedicated to the cutest crocheted video game characters I discovered on Etsy. And no I didn’t forget about Nintendo (how could I?!), they get their own post because of the massive amount of items I’ve found.

Mindcraft pattern by meekssandygirl

Noby Noby Boy by TOSHWERKS

Sackboy Crochet Pattern by RichmondArt

Patapon Pattern by Suravi

Devil May Cry – Vergil by deadcraft

Customizable WoW Character Doll by N3rdWool

God of War- Kratos by deadcraft

Plants vs. Zombies set by deadcraft

Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl by eightbitknits

Angry Birds pattern set by pioneerprimitives


Little Sister by ShadyCreations

Big Daddy  by ShadyCreations

Katamari Damacy-

cousin by TOSHWERKS

Strawberry Cousin by TOSHWERKS

Assasin’s Creed-

Altair Ibn-La’Ahad by deadcraft

Ezio Auditore da Firenze by deadcraft

Dead Space –

Isaac Clarke by deadcraft

Necromorph by deadcraft

Final Fantasy-

Cloud Strife Sackboy by MiCrochets

Chocobo by MadNessie


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