Tattoo Tuesday- Valve Video Games

First of all I want to thank you all for prying your fingers from your controllers and your eyes from your computer and TV screen to check out this gamer ink I’ve collected for you. I am well aware that the much-anticipated Portal 2 comes out today! I preordered it and should will pick it up today. I even wrote the release date down in my planner so I wouldn’t pencil in events that would take up much-needed QT with GLaDOS. I’ll have to tell  my friends that I can’t attend this weekends ‘Girls Night Out’ because I have to pull an all nighter at Aperture Science.

Hopefully you won’t miss your companion cube too much while you take a break from gaming since today’s Tattoo Tuesday features Valve Software video game tattoos.  Valve has blessed us with such series as Portal, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress and more.

Also check out today’s Teefury shirt “Lie to me” which features a Portal design inspired by vintage tattoos. It was made by the talented Ian Leino which is who I had the contest with last week. You can also get the shirt on his website and a temporary tattoo of the design incase you don’t want to commit like the people below. 


I include all the information about the tattoo that was available. If you are interested in having me feature your geeky tattoo on a future Tattoo Tuesday feel free to email me at girlgonegeekblog[at]


Bastian Greshake‘s Aperture Science Tattoo [Source: gedankenstuecke Flickr]

“Mike got the tattoo done by Troy at Artistic Skin Design. He says he got into the game because he heard the catchy song on a podcast. While playing the game, he took a liking to the companion cube, so he got it inked above his heart. How sweet!” [Source:]

[Source: AikoDee Flickr]

Tyler Michaels’ Weighted Companion Cube Tattoo- “Still a bit fresh and bloody. It has healed a bit more since this, and no longer looks “red” all of the lines are black, with a hot pink heart in the middle.” [Source: Flickr iwajiwajin]

Michael’s Portal tattoo, “Walking home, a crowd of youths behind me were trying to figure out they meant. They finally decided they meant I loved cake and video cameras.” [Source: Geekologie]


“Kristen, aka Kaypee, sent in her awesome Portal tattoos. (I’m a sucker for Portal tattoos, it’s almost a sure way to get posted on the site) Like many of us, she’s obsessed with the game Portal and loves the theme song “Still Alive”. She chose the one line from the song for the tattoo because it’s a good motto to live by.She says she regrets euthanizing the companion cube. Me too Kristen, me to.”  Shop and artist: Black Chapel, Orlando FL – Jason Jones [Source:]

[Source: DeviantArt]

Left 4 Dead 

Left 4 Dead Tattoo and check out their L4D Birthday Cake [Source: Flickr sn00pig]

Alan’s a Valve fanboy and has several Valve game tats which I’ve featured on here. Here’s what he had to say about his Left 4 Dead tattoo, ““boomer” zombie from left 4 dead still have to do color work.. just shading and outline and some of the blue and red color” [Source: half_empty Flickr]


Half-Life 2 Ink [Source: Bling Cheese]

Alan (Valve fanboy) “Combine Tattoo from half life it also kinda looks like a wrench in the negative space which I thought was cool. I still might get the CMB added later.” [Source: half_empty Flickr]

Another one of Alan’s Valve tattoos, this one is from Half-Life 2 [Source: half_empty Flickr]

Headcrab Tat [Source: Mike Watts Blog]

Team Fortress 

Team Fortress 2 tattoo [Source: Talk Nerdy To Me Lover]

“As a huge, huge fan of TF2 and avid player since Beta i figured what better way to add to my video game tattoo collection then to pay homage to my favorite class – the medic.

This tattoo was inspired by the “Peer Review” achievement and all work was done at Whatever Tattoo.” [Source: Addiction to Gaming Forum]

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  1. i really, really want a video game related tattoo but i haven’t decided on what. i got my second tattoo about a year ago–a three inch tall red & pink octopus–i feel like if i were to get a third it would have to be something a little more toned down :) i like the aperture science logo one, maybe if it was a little smaller….


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